Joan Meijer "The Rescue" The Author's Lab/Collaboration Series

Joan Meijer has an amazing depth and breadth of work; put her name in the Amazon Toolbar and watch it go crazy. She has written and will continue to write in a variety of genres and tackle difficult subjects. I had a ton of fun with her on this project; she is a great researcher and commands an amazing knowledge of what she writes about. This time she wanted to tackle something on First Responders. Joan puts in plenty of Firefighters, Police officers, and EMTs in our digital short story. She made it easy to follow the flow of the action and carried the story to a very tense and gripping ending. If you have not had a chance to get a read on any of Joan Meijer’s many fiction or non-fiction titles, this is a good choice to get the flavor of her style and substance. If you are one of her many thousands of fans, you are in for a treat. Here is the synopsis and a little bit about the authors:

“Rescue is the story of the dangerous rescue of Earl Latimore who as a six year old falls down an inner city drainage pipe deep below the city streets. With time running out as a dangerous storm endangers the boy's life, G-man and his associates bring their help to the rescue team. Jimmy Jam, the only rescuer small enough to fit into the pipe, is lowered down the pipe to save the child from certain death from hypothermia. As a deluge of rain floods the pipes in which the child is trapped, Jimmy is lowered upside down, with flowing water threatening to drown him before he can succeed, to save the child.

Joan Meijer is the author of 17 fiction and non-fiction books. Her most recent releases are "Tranquillity Initiative" a medical thriller with a political edge about an anthrax attack on New York City and "Relentless: The Search for Typhoid Mary" a fictionalized history about one of the most fascinating medical mysteries in all history - This was the book she wrote to become a winner in National Novel Writing Month. She is currently working on a new thriller "Full Circle" an alternative history which addresses what might have happened if a Reagan-like president had been given a transfusion that contained HIV after the assassination attempt in 1981. In her non-fiction career she is working on a book with Suzy Prudden called "Body Wisdom" that addresses the connection between your body and your life.

Giovanni “The G-Man” Gelati is now the published author by Trestle Press of “I Have Chrome Balls, Don’t You?” an “In Between The Collaborations”, “Down Low- Dead” with Vincent Zandri, “The Jersey Shore Has Eyes” with Big Daddy Abel”, “G.S.I Gelati’s Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives” with Thomas White, “Who Whacked The Blogger” with Benjamin Sobieck,“Thad and The G-Man’s Most Awesome Adventure” with Thad Brown , “Hotel Beaumont” with B.R. Stateham, “Bring Us Your Living…Now!” with HR Toye, “The Edge of Cataclysmic” with Big Daddy Abel, “The Ultimate Six-Pack” ,”Fangs,Inc.” with Laurie Bowler, “A Prince in Trenton ,Seriously?” with Mark Miller, “Bar-A” with Big Daddy Abel and Tommy Jannarone and ”Dueling Microphones” with Rose A. Valenta, “The Fairy GodFather” with Rie Sheridan Rose, “Down Under Dead” with Sylvia Massara, and”Fangs,Inc.2 The Tortured Revelations” with Laurie Bowler . He also has a blog called “Gelati’s Scoop” and a blogtalk radio show called “The G-ZONE”. He resides in Levittown,Pa. with his very beautiful and understanding wife, eight children, and two grandchildren.

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