“Even before Morley told him, Dennis knew things were about to get ugly. A man did not club you unconscious, bring you to his estate and tie you to a chair in an empty storage shed out back of the place if he merely intended to give you a valentine. Morley had found out about him and Julie.”
A short story in the tradition of Fleming or Dahl, “The Steel Valentine” is a gem, exemplifying the suspense writing of Joe Lansdale.
Another short February read and a chance to keep the scoreboard ticking over on my reading stats.
Joe Lansdale serves up a gritty and graphic tale of a cuckolded husband exacting a little bit of retribution.
“Spare me the innocent act, lover boy. You’ve been laying the pipe to Julie, and I don’t like it.”
Morley, the husband and Dennis, the boyfriend discuss their differences in a storage shed, only instead of port and a couple of cigars, one’s been beaten unconscious and tied up with ropes. Seven hungry Dobermans await the conclusion of the talks.
Graphic violence, humour in our verbal exchanges and a satisfying outcome. I do like the author’s work.
Bonus material includes an introduction to his book Waltz of Shadows
4 from 5
Joe R. Lansdale has his website here. You can grab a free short story from him every Thursday I believe.
Read in February, 2017
Published 1991 (my e-version was released 2011)
Page count – 29
Source – Amazon purchase, probably free

Format - Kindle

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