I have some new things to talk about; yes besides the stuff I yapped about last week, yes, it is true. New stuff already! Here is the deal; I am adding a new segment to my blogtalk show, it is going to be all about writing process. Basically a panel of authors is going to discuss a facet of writing each month and hopefully something new can be learned and we can each get something from it. Let’s face it, gas is going through the roof, trying to get to one of these authorfests is tough and costly so I thought why not have one that is not only live, but also archived so you can go back to it anytime you want and get what you may need to help understand what you are reading or writing better. Just a thought, so the first one I have put together is going to be on May 11th at 11.30am EST. The panel you ask, who is it, what are the names you have collected for this intense show right out of the gate. Drum roll please!!Thank you. Here you go: Paul Levinson, Vincent Zandri, CJ West, B.R. Stateham, and last but not least Big Daddy Abel. I guess the joke would then go; What do you have when you have an Author/Musician/College professor /Media Guru, a Best Selling Kindle Author, a Self –Published Wizard, a Hard- Boiled multi-genre author, and a Rocker/Humorist? Why you have the first G-ZONE writers’ panel. I need to come up with a spiffy name for it; hopefully it will come to me soon. If you are an author and are within the sound of my post, contact me and I will be happy to include you in any of the activities I have going: The panel, The Improvised Digital short Story, guest posting, the blogtalk radio show, I think that is it. Just grab me and we can talk. Now onto our first novel of the week:

“A Girl Like You (A Donovan Creed Novel) is the next step in the evolution of hit man and former CIA assassin, Donovan Creed.

When Rachel Case goes to the doctor for a routine blood test, scientists are astonished to learn she possesses a gene no one else on earth seems to have—a gene that holds the key to protecting the world from the deadliest pandemic in history. When government operatives kidnap Rachel in order to develop a vaccine, her lover, Donovan Creed, realizes the only way he can find Rachel is to enlist the help of her current husband, Sam. A Girl Like You is “A sure-fire hit!” Another laugh-out-loud thriller in the tradition of Saving Rachel and Wish List. Every ten seconds, twenty-four hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world! Authors, book reviewers, bloggers, newspaper and radio interviewers, and fans across the globe agree: John Locke is one of the most creative contemporary talents in America today.”

I just love John Locke’s style and I thoroughly enjoy the substance of his writing. Wait you say, this guy is one of the most prolific sellers on Amazon today how can I feature him in a week when I am just doing just self-published authors and “independent “ publishers. He is not a big six guy and is a fine example of how it is done. Notice the pricing on his work, $.99 per novel. Have you read one of these and been able to figure out the outcome, or not laughed at all? I was busting a gut in the very beginning, I am not giving it away, but if you cannot laugh at this stuff, then you have no funny bone or are totally devoid of having a good time at all. Is this Shakespeare, no, and thank God for that. This is some of the best entertainment you will receive for this kind of money. How he gets me to laugh, shake my head, and ask myself: How did he do that? or He got me again, is beyond me. I plan on saving my change up till the next one comes out, a buck is a buck, and I know I got my hard earned dollars’ worth in this. Donovan Creed rules! John Locke Rocks! I can’t wait to download another one into my Kindle.

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