Time is running out to submit to the shiny new Out of the
Gutter 8 Anthology. The doors close on 21st November.  I’ll let Editor-in-chief, Matt tell you
all about it...

Brace yourselves! OUT
OF THE GUTTER is back with Out of the Gutter 8: 21st Century Digital Love,
featuring contest winners, essays, and new tales of wretchedness and woe
alongside 2012’s very best from The Flash Fiction Offensive and the
Bareknuckles Pulp Department!

Contest: We will select
two stories (one flash, another between 3,000 and 5,000 words) that hit the
theme of modern digital love. What’s that mean? You tell us. Guns, girls, good
intentions gone bad spring to our minds, but there's no limit on subject
matter, setting, or style, as long as it's in the pulp tradition. Pure story,
in other words. All submissions for the contest will also be automatically
considered for inclusion in the anthology.

: Open submissions for the anthology (i.e., not for the contest)
can be your regular ol’ gutterish stories. We’re selecting some flash, some
longer. Only requirement is to adhere to the strict quality standards of The
Flash Fiction Offensive and Bareknuckles Pulp. Hit us hard, hit us raw.

: We're also looking for non-fiction and essays on the subject
of modern technology and love. Anybody have thoughts on Internet porn? I mean,
those few of you degenerates who've actually visited such sites. We've been too
busy visiting the confessional (mostly to confess to how much Internet porn we
watch). Gmail chats gone wrong? Girls (and boys) gone wild? The suckiness of
Instragram? What have you got?

Best of 2012: You didn’t
think we’d forget our loyal contributors, did you? FFO and BKP will select the
top stories from 2012, based almost entirely on the number of hits that story
has received. You want a book deal? Pimp your work! Rack up the hits! Any story
published by either e-zine in 2012 is eligible. So forward that story of a
meth-dealing dead hooker to grandma’s sewing group and get them to share!

There have been some fantastic bad-ass stories published
this year and many are worthy of inclusion. If it was my job to choose (which thank
god it’s not) these would be my top picks.

Flash Fiction

McRib Therapy Alleviates Seasonal Depression by CS DeWildt

We all got problems, man. Some of us are misguided loners;
some of us are dead in basements. Some of us are just giant red, chain-smoking
clowns with a busted foot and bad attitude. Who are you to judge?

Bareknuckles Pulp:

Kin by Gareth Spark

Here’s some damn fine Brit Grit from this side of the pond. You can
choose you’re friends, but not your family. Well this sure as hell ain’t the

There are also many, many other fine pieces worthy of your time; while you’re
over there perhaps you could find it in your heart to humor this deluded
pulp scribbler and check out my efforts as well.

The Legend of Johnny Kool by Chris Leek

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