Legacy of the Ripper is a Kwips & Kritiques Recommended Read

I'm delighted to say that 'Legacy of the Ripper' has just been awarded 'Recommended Read' status by the reviewers at review body CK2S Kwips and Kritiques. This is great news as the book is also nominated for the 'Best Thriller' award in The Preditors & Editors Awards, won last year by 'A Study in Red'. I'll be posting news of the awards and how to vote when the polls open tomorrow 1st January and I hope a few of my friends will support my nomination, and also that of my children's book 'Tilly's Tale' which has been nominated in the Best Children's book category.

In the meantime, here's what the reviewer at Kwips & Kritiques had to say:

Jack the Ripper has left behind more than just historic horror, but a journal as well. Upon receiving the journal, as his Uncle before him in A STUDY IN RED-THE SECRET JOURNAL OF JACK THE RIPPER, Jack Thomas Reid discovers more than he has bargained for. On trial for a series of copycat Jack the Ripper-esque murders, his only defense is that he is a descendent of the killer, but the actual killings were done by a mystery man trying to set him up. Jack’s sanity obviously comes into question, but with further scrutiny, there could be more to his story than originally meets the eye.

In a page turning sequel to A STUDY IN RED-THE SECRET JOURNAL OF JACK THE RIPPER, Brian L. Porter has written a winner. Taking a well told and hypothesized about character such as Jack the Ripper and finding a new story to tell was a wonderful surprise.

I found the characters to be realistic, and hauntingly so. From the junkie on the street, to the poor lonely widow to the insane Jack Reid, all were easy to fall into the story with. Brian L. Porter has a way of giving the reader a path upon which to suspend disbelief and LEGACY OF THE RIPPER is another fine example.

Obviously well researched, this book is a gem for any “Ripper-ologist”. Characterizations, time lines and details of events are accurate to the smallest detail. The plot kept me turning pages, longing to learn more about a subject that is fairly well known; one chapter ending with another question until ending too soon with twists never suspected.

Although not entirely necessary, it would be a good idea to read A STUDY IN RED-THE SECRET JOURNAL OF JACK THE RIPPER before enjoying LEGACY OF THE RIPPER. They each stand alone, and the author does a good job of referencing the first Ripper novel in his second to explain the relationships, but a good foundation is formed in A STUDY IN RED.

I’m happy to recommend!

Reviewed by Terri

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