More than one actually, but this one is all mine. You may have heard of it......


Mind Slices: A Collection of New and Previously Published Stories—16 stories in fantasy, science fiction, mystery, suspense, and mainstream fiction, with some stories blending genres.  


The book opens with the first two stories ever published before moving forward into more recently published and new works. Included in the book is “Burning Questions”  which was a honorable mention winner” in  Mysterical-E’s “Skeletons in the Closet” contest in the fall of 2007 as well as several pieces that were published at the mystery e-zine “Mouth Full Of Bullets.”  In total, the book contains 16 stories in a variety of genres for $2.99.


The book is available at Amazon 


At Smashwords


Barnes and Noble’s NOOK



Hope you check it out.



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