"lots of people are dead and they're just not clever enough to fall over and decompose." Mary Burns

A Blue Line train in Chicago goes faster than it should. The vibrations from its passing causes a light bulb to fall and shatter. Soon, people become sick and die.


P.I. Michael Kelly is asked to provide security when it is determined that there could be a threat of a biological weapon on the Chicago railway system.


As more and more people die, the Dept. of Homeland Security quarantines part of the city. This enables some criminals to rid themselves of rivals. Burning and looting begin.


It is easy for the reader to immerse themselves into this fearful setting. The action is realistically portrayed and the story flows dramatically.


Dr. Ellen Brazile leads the charge to identify the pathogen and find a vaccine. Kelly searches for the person responsible for setting this killer into motion.


This story is enjoyable and shows the author has the talent to weave a tense, well-plotted thriller.

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