Major Announcement: Partnership with National Kidney Foundation

Earlier this month, I announced a fundraising effort for my favorite charity, the National Kidney Foundation. Its goals of increasing donor numbers, educating patients and helping kidney disease research hit close to home. I received a kidney transplant in 2010, and feel it's important to help others who need kidneys.

As an incentive to donate to this trustworthy charity, I'm offering my entire catalog for free to anyone to donates any amount to the National Kidney Foundation. Just e-mail me at bsobieck [at] journalist [dot] com with a donation receipt.

Today, I received an e-mail from the NKF endorsing my idea. Staff will even give it promotion online. This makes the partnership official, and I couldn't be happier about it.

To keep things simple, I've compiled my catalog into a single e-book, Pick Your Poison: 1 Nefarious Novel & 12 Stirring Short Stories. Here's what you get for a donation of any amount to the National Kidney Foundation:

Crime Novel

Cleansing Eden - The Celebrity Murders

Humor Short Stories

Maynard Soloman Solves the War on Drugs

Maynard Soloman Fixes Social Security and Eats a Pony

- Bonus: How to Cuss Like Maynard Soloman

Maynard Soloman and the Job-Nabbin’ Illegal Immigrants

- Bonus: Maynard Soloman’s Two-Beer Critter Marinade

Maynard Soloman Proves Santa Claus is Real

- Bonus: Maynard Soloman’s Guide to Milk and Cookies

Maynard Soloman Legalizes Gay Knot Tying

- Bonus: 10 Signs Your Kid is in a Cult

- Bonus: Best of Maynard’s Facebook Page

Crime Short Stories

Wine Into Water

Purgatory at the Pump ‘n’ Loaf

10 Drunk People in a House (rerun)

Use the Pillow

You’re the Boss

True Crime Stories

Stomach > Brains

Sleepwalking a Thin Line

Click here to donate to the National Kidney Foundation. Then e-mail me at bsobieck [at] [dot] com with the receipt.

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