Well here we are. My first entry using a new tool. I have used Blogger in the past, but found the templates and look of the thing to be unappealing. I tried a paid hosting site called Squarespace, but found it expensive for what I was getting for my buck. Squarespace’s Gallery was buggy and the final straw was the jumpy, inconsistent nature of its blog entry function. If something as simple as writing text and posting an entry becomes a chore, you can bet your bottom dollar (especially in January after Christmas) that it will get the boot. It was an easy decision. So I have made Flavors.me my hub. I love the design and the ease. I plan on staying here a long time. I apologize to those of you following me on other sites, but I had to do it. I hate crappy hosting and limited design that is not pleasing to the eye. I hope you stick around.


So come here often and feedback is welcome. If you’re into what I’m up to, from the mundane to the useful, checkout my Twitter Stream and my Facebook updates at the top of the site. My work and CV are also available. In the lower left corner you can Contact me, or make your own Flavors.me site.


As of this Sunday, I’m taking stock of a few projects (one a book, the other a video project) that will go ahead this year. The book should be ready by October and the video project will be ongoing until November. A couple of First AD gigs have been rumoured and bandied-about, however both features have either pushed or gone quiet. This year I look forward to more music video work using my Canon 5D and Mr. Maddin always has something up his sleeve.


So poke around and come back regularly. I plan on updating at least twice a week (sometimes more) and don’t be a stranger.




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