New Novel Releases for the week of Nov. 2nd

I have never understood why new releases come out on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. My guess is that the publishers are waiting for me to put up my now weekly post for new releases before they put the novels on the
shelves. I have the feeling the list is only going to be getting bigger and the
novel’s authors more famous as we get closer to Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Here is what I winnowed it down to this week:

-Gourmet Magazine’s The Gourmet Cookie Book

-Nora Roberts/Happy Ever After

-Robert Jordan/Towers of Midnight

-Gary Dell’Abate/They call me BaBa Booey

- J. Michael Stracznyski/ Superman

- George W. Bush/Decision Points

-J.D. Robb/ Indulgence in Death

- Naini Singh/Play of Passion

- Jeff Dunham/All by my Selves

- Dennis Lehane/Moonlight Mile

- Katie MacAlister/In the Company of Vampires

Here are some Self-Published Novels to be aware of:

- John C. Stipa/No Greater Sacrifice

- Marti Lawrence/River of Possibilities

- Jessica Dee Rohm/Sugar Tower

- Jason McIntyre/One the Gathering Storm

- Marvin Lindberg/Ponzied

- Tony Bertot/The Birth of an Assassin

- Mark Bouton/How to Spot Lies Like The FBI

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