NEWSFLASH: Trestle Press is pleased to announce that David Hoof will be releasing a series of full length novels will them!

David Hoof will be releasing a series of novels in different genres through Trestle Press, the first one, ”Sharpshooter”, will be released the end of August 2011, with the others to follow soon after. Here is the synopsis: 

“The Holloway family began grabbing up land and making serious enemies in Montana even before the Battle of Little Bighorn, but there was no payback until Senate candidate Jeb Holloway was found dead in his pickup in a lonely draw on his ranch. Using a Sharps buffalo rifle firing an antique slug, the killer seems to have stepped out  of time, then vanished. Local sheriff Redfawn Kravitz has plenty of suspects, but when their alibis emerge, the case gets muddier, nastier and no closer to a solution. “

About David Hoof:

“David L. Hoof is an author of seven published novels, a screenwriter, and teacher of creative writing. His published novels include:(1) The Spike Halleck (blind detective) series Sight Unseen, Blind Man’s Bluff and Blind Rage. (2) The Last Prisoner, the first novel dramatizing the possibility of clandestine, unattributable biological warfare, led Avon’s action-adventure list. (3) The Suicide Diary, a satirical novel involving nudist weapons salesmen, incompetent terrorists, a failed writer and his eviscerating lawyer ex-wife, written from the point-of-view of their jaded but brilliant daughter, whose Arctic winter vigil requires keeping herself and her dad alive on no more than a closet full of Dinty Moore canned beef stew.(4) Little Gods, available in 35 countries, blurbed and praised by Presidential candidate John Kerry and seven chapter presidents of Sisters-in-Crime, and by Sine-Gen reviews as "literature," begins with the cover-up of a 1963 murder at an elite New England prep school and a student who pursues the mystery to its conclusion in 1986. 4.5 stars on Nominated for Book Sense, New England Book Award. Winner of Honorable Mention in 2009 Beach Book Festival. Reader’s Circle Choice.(5) Triple Jeopardy. Irreverent satire of riches, greed and divorce. Apex Reviewed 4. 4.5 stars Readers Circle choice.”

The Authors Guild, web site:

The Irving Literary Society, Cornell University

Meinig Family National Scholar, Cornell University              


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