One man's poison is another's spinach. = Geogre Ade

Jane Whitefield helps people disappear.


James Shelby was in prison for the murder of his wife. Now, the people who framed him want him dead. He's called to court to testify on another matter when Jane stages his escape.

Unfortunately, Jane is captured by the people who want Shelby dead. She's shot in the leg trying to escape and they bring her to a secluded spot to torture her to force her to talk.

She reaches back to her Seneca Indian heritage to bear the torture and learns that other people are after Jane for the work she did in rescuing people from them. There will be an auction and Jane will go to the highest bidder so they can take their revenge.


The author sets the table well. We sympathise for the people Jane is trying to save and feel that Jane is doing a very worthy thing.


The pacing is fast and filled with action as Jane does her best to save herself and the people she's helping.


This is a very enjoyable story that shows the strength on one person and how they can do a good thing for others - a lesson for us all.

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