Pauline Rowson to be guest author at British Society of Criminology Conference

I have been invited to be a guest panel author at the annual conference of the  British Society of Criminology taking place at the University of Portsmouth, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, (ICJS) between 4–6 July 2012. I will be on a panel on the afternoon of 5 July with my fellow crime writers, Graham Hurley, Peter Lovesey, June Hampson and Linda Regan.

The conference is themed around ‘Criminology at the borders’ and coincides with the twentieth anniversary of ICJS. It brings together academics and practitioners operating at the cutting edge of thinking on crime and justice and provides an insight into some fascinating topics including cyber crime, international and organised crime; policing and law enforcement across national boundaries,global criminology, between and across national borders and my own panel event, crime cultures – fictional meets factional imageries of crime and justice.

The programme includes keynote talks from learned academics and practitioners. There are special workshops on ‘marine crime and marine law enforcement’ (think I would enjoy that and I know my DI Andy Horton would) as well as on ‘military crimes and military justice’.
There is more information at I'm really looking forward to it and will post a blog entry and photographs from the event here

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