Power Down is a debut novel by Ben Coes. He is anything but a rookie as far as writing goes, here are the highlights of his career from the back cover: “Ben Coes worked at
the White House under President Ronald Reagan and was a White House appointed
speech writer at the height of the Gulf War. He was the campaign manager of Mitt
Romney’s 2002 gubernatorial campaign and was a fellow at Harvard University’s
John F. Kennedy School of Government. “

Do I want to make any comparisons to other writers in the genre, definitely not? This is his first novel and it has all the elements of the classic thriller. Power Down is
an incredible novel without comparing it to anyone’s work; it stands on its own
just fine. Ben Coe’s main character, Dewey Andreas is a really good fatally
flawed hero that we all can root for and want to see much, much more of. The
subplots in this highly charged and tight novel are timely and bring forth many
good points for discussion. His narrative into the mindset of the jihadists is
point on and brings out many good and hard hitting questions for both sides.
Ben Coes has set himself up with a myriad of characters from this novel that he
can take in many directions not just with Andreas, but Terry Savoy, the FBI
agent, and a few others.

Overall I really enjoyed Power Down. The pretexts and the precise plotlines sucked me in right away. Ben Coes has jumped with both feet into a pond filled with some pretty big fish. If
he continues to write hard hitting action packed work like this then maybe
people will be comparing themselves to him. Check out his website and you can
read an excerpt from the novel if you want to:


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