Seduced to Kill in Kauai: A Novel of Psychological Suspense Now in eBook

From award winning writer R. Barri Flowers and the bestselling author of the Hawaii thriller novels, Murder in Maui and Murder in Honolulu, comes a tropical island novel of psychological and erotic suspense and financial intrigue, SEDUCED TO KILL IN KAUAI.


Pushing forty, Jack Burke was living the good life as an advertising executive in Kauai, Hawaii. He had a beautiful, sexy wife named Victoria, a beachfront home, and a future that seemed bright as ever.


Then, practically in the blink of an eye, his life began spiraling out of control. When his wife suddenly turned cold as ice, his darkest dreams floated to the surface. Combine that with the temptations of a gorgeous and cunning exotic seductress, betrayal, deceit, and murder, and Jack was left wondering if there was any way out.


Or would he lose everything, including possibly his life?


SEDUCED TO KILL IN KAUAI is a psychological thriller in paradise you will not be able to put down! Now in eBook and soon in print and audio.




"R. Barri Flowers writes with the passion and knowledge of someone who truly knows his craft." -- Allison Leotta, bestselling author of Discretion on MURDER IN MAUI


"Infidelity and murder in paradise lead to a one of a kind case for PI Skye McKenzie Delaney, and an enjoyable ride for the reader. Definitely put this one on your list." -- John Lutz, Edgar winner and bestselling author of PULSE on MURDER IN HONOLULU


"A gripping novel in what promises to be an outstanding series, featuring a truly unforgettable detective. A terrific read!" -- Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author and co-creator of the famed Pendergast series on MURDER IN MAUI


"An exquisitely rich and masterfully constructed mystery." -- Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Vengeance on MURDER IN HONOLULU


"Gripping writing, wonderfully rounded characters you really care about, and vivid locations." -- Peter James, bestselling author of Dead Man's Grip on MURDER IN MAUI



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