Self -Published Sunday Marti Lawrence River of Possibilities

Do you enjoy reading novels that will take you on a swift moving ride through twists and turns, a novel that doesn’t want to leave your hands, a novel that basically has the pages turn themselves? Okay, this is that novel.
River of Possibilities is a very interesting and unrelenting read. Here is the

” Elizabeth Cunningham watched her parents applaud and smile as she graduated college. Two months later she watched their caskets being lowered into the ground. She is left to wonder - why had their new car plunged into a
ravine? Why had her father recently updated his will, adding a strange
postscript that directed her to move to the city? The codicil includes a note
saying she would, "find the truth". Liz discovers nothing she was
certain of is true. Her family was not the strong, loyal unit she thought she
knew. Both of her best friends have been hiding things from her. Dirty
politics, the CIA, and giant corporate interests could end her dreams and put
her life and the lives of her friends and family in danger. Worst of all, her
parents' deaths may not have been an accident. Her beliefs will be assaulted
when she has an encounter with a ghost, a mysterious Tarot reading, and
discovers her father's connections to the paranormal. “

I have to admit I did not go into this with eyes wide open, I was a bit on the tired side, and this was like a jolt of java that was turbo charged. I really got into Lawrence’s narrative and heroine. The dialogue was crisp;
the action and story twisted and morphed into places I didn’t anticipate, and
that made it all the more enjoyable for me. River of Possibilities really made
an impression on me and I am glad I had the chance to give it a go. Personally
I am hoping that she takes this character and makes series out of it. I am
willing to be a follower and enjoy the possible future adventures; it is that
strong a story and plotline. The title is very appropriate; there is a River of
Possibilities for this character and her development. Take the journey and
enjoy the ride with Elizabeth Cunningham and Marti Lawrence, the possibilities
are endless.

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