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“Yorkshire’s Answer to Inspector Morse”: Stuart Pawson’s D.I. Charlie Priest

Author of the D.I. Charlie Priest mysteries, British mystery writer Stuart Pawson began writing after a career as a mining electrical engineer and as a part-timer for the probation service. The latter work provides deep insights into the British criminal justice system, evident in his Charlies Priest mysteries, now thirteen strong and counting. The books have been referred to as “Yorkshire’s answer to Inspector Morse.” The series kicked off in 1995 with The Picasso Scam; latest is the 2010 A Very Private Murder.

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Comment by Amanda Ward on June 24, 2011 at 6:22am
Stuart's one of the undisputed gems not only of Yorkshire, but of British crime fiction in general. His books are a delight not only to read but to re-read and I just love how he weaves several plots together and augments them with lots of local colour. I've learnt a lot about Yorkshire from Stuart! Charlie Priest is a sympathetic character, very down-to-earth and human and doesn't have Morse or Frost's abrasive edges, but can be suitably tough when necessary. Come on Stuart, more, MORE!
Comment by charlie ness on March 1, 2011 at 2:48am
I love Stuart Pawsons books. The first that I picked up was 'Judas Sheep' and as soon as I got into it I was hooked. I stopped reading it at that point, so I could restart with 'The Picasso scam' and since then have read them all in order up to 'Shooting Elvis' ( which, for some strange reason took a long time to find ) I'm halfway through 'Shooting Elvis' and enjoying it very much. Charlie Priest is just such a believable detective.  - Next on the shelf is 'Grief Encounter'

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