I am thankful for the warm welcome I received at Waldenbooks in Virginia Center Commons Saturday. The store is right next to the food court so there was plenty of traffic and I’ve never met a friendlier, more pleasant team of booksellers. If you’re near there stop by and say hello. I think they have a few copies of my novels left.

Also this week my good friends at the Maryland Writers Association joined the Russian Roulette blog tour by posting my Russian Roulette videos on their blog. You should view those again, but also check out the Maryland Writers Association blog.

And BV Lawson presented my new novel on her informative blog “In Reference to Murder.” After you read the Russian Roulette blog, explore the site. Mystery fans should check out the bibliographies section, with book and author lists, and the sections for mystery Awards, Blogs, Bookstores, Conferences, Games, Magazines and Newsletters, and Reviews. For mystery writers, there are sections on links for Agents, Publishers, the Business of Writing, and lots of references to help with research for stories in the Crime Scene Investigation, Crimes by Type, Dictionaries, Forensics, Government and Law, Police Procedures, Private Investigation, and True Crime.

My next stop on the blog tour was Pop Syndicate where I tried something a little different. Instead of being interviewed, I decided to interview Hannibal Jones. He was pretty upfront with me.

And MOST IMPORTANT: Russian Roulette was entered in the “Wake up… Celebrity Author” contest. This is a pure popularity contest with a huge potential payoff. The book with the most votes at the end of the contest will appear on the Barnes & Noble Bestseller List. Please cast your vote as soon as you can so we can show those booksellers that Hannibal Jones deserves a lot more attention. Please hit the link and cast your vote.

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