Why I chose the characters and setting for "Color Me Dead"

Some friends of mine, after reading Color Me Dead asked me why, after chosing DC as a setting for the story, I didn't focus on political intrigue or espionage as do many authors who set their stories in the nation's capitol. Well, I've read many of those stories, and while they're great tales, I have always felt that the average Joes who inhabit DC get left out. The common people who make up 90% of the city are no more than background or walk-ons in most stories. Consider this, though: the spy has to buy milk somewhere; the lobbyist gets his dry cleaning done at the local outlet; and the drug dealers and pimps get their tricked out rides repaired at the local garage. The people who work in these establishments are part of the action, and on occasion get caught up in the ingrigue

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