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At 3:40am on September 15, 2013, dan petrosini said…

Thanks for the warm welcome Jed.

At 12:11am on March 17, 2012, Dale Phillips said…


First things first-- congratulations! You've got a book to publish.

Second, you are making important decisions with long-term consequences. In this new world of publishing, you're correct (and smart) to get control.

You need to be well-informed. Can't say this enough.

Get the following, and thoroughly digest them:

The Newbie's Guide to Publishing, by JA Konrath.

Dean Wesley Smith books:
Think Like a Publisher

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing

New World of Publishing

Dan Poynter's Guide to Self-Publishing.

The website of Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Because being your own publisher is a business, so it pays to know the business you're getting into.

That company who offered for your book is not really a publisher, they're providing one-time services and a website listing.

These are easy things to outsource, and you don't give up profits on your book forever. Do you still want to giving up a percentage of your book 5 years down the road? 10? Longer? As they say, "forever is a long time."

Okay-- has your book been professionally edited? It's going out as your brand- is it a professional product? Because it's going to establish your reputation.

It is vital that your book cover look professional as well. Your son may do a great job-- if so, that's terrific.
Better, though, for this task is experience and a proven track record-- and right now, you can get the bargain of a lifetime-- top-notch cover designer at a steal!

For formatting, there are people who will do it for a small fee. Compare rates and see what else they've done. We're talking at best, a couple of hours work, so price accordingly.

Yes, put out the ebook on Smashwords first. Because your ebook is instantly available in ALL e-reader formats. And you can get instant notification on each sale, can do coupons for free for reviewers, and it's 1-2-3 easy.
They have a free, easy-to-follow guide. You say you aren't technically savvy-- can you follow directions? Take a look at it, and work through it.

It's a pain point to have to learn this stuff, but you'll be doing it over and over for a long while, as each book is ready. You can do this yourself, or continue to pay others to do it for you-- your choice.

And for print, go to CreateSpace. They have templates, and it's a doable process for you. I've put out 5 books of short stories since December! They look great. A couple are already listed on Amazon, and I'll get the others up.

If you're going to be in this business, it's something vital to learn, or you're giving away a huge share of profits for simple stuff. We're talking a few hours and a bit of learning curve, but well worth it as a career move.

Jed, hope this helps. Hate to see people work so hard on the writing and then hand over the money to someone else for a bit of work.

At 11:06am on March 1, 2012, Dale Phillips said…

Thanks, Jed, and let me know when your books are up. I think you'll like the Zack Taylor series. I've got a 5-story collection in print and up on Smashwords, too:

All can be sampled first, so you can see if you'll like the writing!

At 1:41am on February 21, 2012, David DeLee said…

Hey Jed. I'm in the Manchester area. Hampton Beach is great. I don't get over that way nearly enough.

At 12:54am on January 8, 2012, Charles Kelly said…

Hi, Jed.  I'm writing a biography of Dan Marlowe and I'd love to interview you. I'm on Crimespace: Charles Kelly, Scottsdale, AZ, email, phone 480-205-5982.  Thanks.

At 5:11pm on May 22, 2011, Robert Christopher said…
Welcome. ;-)

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