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At 3:04am on January 13, 2013, pamilar said…

Hello, Am Pamilar, I really want to have a good friendship with you. i have something i want to discuses with you. You can get back to me, directly to my e-mail.

Best Regards,

At 2:29am on April 13, 2012, Spasimir Trenchev said…

Hi, Alan

I haven't been here for a long time. But If you could tell me when the next reading will be, I will spread to my friends who write crime stories.

Best regards,


At 10:35am on September 24, 2011, Rachel Amphlett said…

Hi Alan

Apologies for the late response; I've been flat out marketing 'White Gold' lately.


I'd be delighted to help spread the word - I'll put a mention on my blog with a link to your page.

At 7:13am on September 17, 2011, Augie said…
Noir Nation, thank you for inviting me, I'm not sure what I can offer, but I do have a lot of words and okay other words.   Augie
At 8:22pm on September 11, 2011, Mark Porter said…
Sorry fr the late reply, I would be happy to contribute. Been out of the loop due to moving house and lack of online access. What happens next?
At 8:07am on August 30, 2011, Richard Woodhouse said…

Hi Alan

Many thanks for that. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Best wishes


At 9:02am on August 27, 2011, Amy Saunders said…
Thanks for the add!
At 2:58am on August 26, 2011, Lex Cunningham said…
Thanks for the invite =)
At 12:27am on August 25, 2011, Erik Carlson said…
Thanks for the add. I love the concept of Noir Nation and pump my fist that a periodical must be created.
At 10:37am on August 24, 2011, Augie said…

Thanks for inviting me, but I'm not to sure if I have much to offer. I do write thrillers, but not with all the gory details, well at least not yet, contemplating, I did work for a Criminal Attorney as well as The Bellevue Police Department...maybe that's a pull.

Thanks again for opening my eyes. Augie

At 8:13am on August 24, 2011, Jennifer Thomson said…
Thanks Alan. I'll check those submissions out. Your home page looks fantastic. Very Noir.
At 6:49am on August 24, 2011, south said…

thanks for the friend request...


At 3:39am on August 24, 2011, Ben Cheetham said…
Thanks Alan. Just checked out your website and promo video. Very nice. Particularly like the classic Femme Fatale imagery. I'll spread the word.
At 11:48pm on August 22, 2011, Melodie Campbell said…

Alan, I am so so sorry about the houses!  How devastating. 


At 11:14pm on August 22, 2011, Mary McFarland said…

Hi, Alan.  Thrilled and awed that you've put Noir Nation together so seamlessly, although I'm sure from reading your CS comments that there's been many intervening obstacles.  I'll be your first fan because I respect your personal interaction, the way you've included each of us here on CS in a very personal--and personable and professional--manner. I can't wait for Issue 1.   


Goin' to your site now, since I hear it's up and running. 

At 7:47am on August 22, 2011, Carol Fenlon said…

Hello Alan,

Thanks for letting me know about this. Can you send me some guidelines for submission? I may have some suitable stories, and will spread the word round the writers' groups I am in.



At 4:23am on August 19, 2011, Ben Cheetham said…

Hi Alan,


I'll be happy to put the word out about your zine. I do have a fair few crime shorts, but nearly all of them have been previously published in magazines, anthologies etc. I've assembled a few into a collection entitled 'Psychopaths Ltd: and Other Stories'. For the moment, you can read it for free at Smashwords:

Take a look. If you're interested in using any of the stories, let me know. 




At 11:38pm on August 18, 2011, Nik Morton said…

Thanks, Alan, for the invitation. I'm currently working on a Leon Cazador story which might just be noir enough... Best of luck with #1.

Nik Morton

At 5:44pm on August 17, 2011, Andrew Nette said…


Thanks for getting in contact with me. Much appreciated.

I had a little bit of a look at some of your material on the web (you don't have a website yet, yea?). I am definitely interested in maybe contributing a piece, especially given that you pay. It's not necessary to get paid but it's nice to get some compensation for ones effort.

In fact, I'm working on something now that may be up your alley, featuring a character called Max Quinlan, a Vietnamese Australian ex-cop who now makes a living finding missing people. I actually wrote an as yet unpublished novel with Quinlan set in Cambodia. Anyway there's a few details about all this on my site, if you have not seen it yet.

Do you have a word length that you are after in terms of stories or any other information you can send me?

Also happy to spread the word about your venture in Australia, it sounds great.

Look forward to hearing from you.


At 4:37pm on August 17, 2011, Silvano Stagni said…

Hi Alan,

thank you for getting in touch. As it happens  I do have a few short stories How short is short ? Would 10,000 words do ? 


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