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At 7:30am on February 9, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Thanks Ruth!

Best regards

At 10:12pm on January 20, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Ruth,

Thought you might like to view the video trailer for the ripper novel at


At 4:05am on January 12, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Your secret is safe with me Ruth!
At 3:56am on January 12, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Ruth, I know, I always told people, who would never believe me that we had some very mild winters up in Scotland when I lived there. As for the books I'm pleased that I'll have both e-book and paperback books availabel from this year, so fulfilling everyone's reading needs, I hope.

At 2:42am on January 12, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Ruth,

I finally heard from my publisher today with news on the paperback version of 'A Study in Red' which will be availble from teh end of the month and will have the ISBN 1-55404-527-4 It will then be able to be ordered through Amazon, W.H. Smith Online and any reputable online bookstore.

Hope the weather up there isn't too severe today. It's been bad down here in Yorkshire.

At 4:45pm on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
haha, I know what you mean Ruth. I'm not very technical myself, and my computer is about as hi-tech as I can manage as well. Still, there's a market out there and I try to do mybest to service it while there's a call for it. Actually a lot of disabled people can acces e-books a lot easier than they can 'hard copy' books these days.

At 5:47am on January 11, 2008, Darren Laws said…
The photography of your croft looks superb and your web site has a clean, well-design and uncluttered look. I am ashamed to say that I always use wysiwyg programs for lazy.
At 5:41am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
I understand that Ruth, many people have an aversion to e-books, but they do have an appeal for just as many others. There's no real knack to it, you just read as much or as little as you want in one go, just as you would with a 'real' book, and many people read them from blackberrys and palm readers etc. which allow them to hold a library of thousands of books in one small device. I do hope you enjoy the paperbacks though when they come out. (I prefer the real thing too).

At 5:35am on January 11, 2008, Darren Laws said…
Hi Ruth, thanks for the comment and accepting my invitation. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience at Crimespace and getting to meet loads of really nice people. Congrats on quitting the rat race and settling in one of the most striking and beautiful places in the UK. Had a look at your website and that seems to be developing quite nicely too. Best wishes for 2008.
At 5:35am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Ruth, I spent most of my time in Mexico on the Pacific coast of the state of Jalisco, moving inland to visit the 'real' Mexico. I managed to travel further afield as well and saw some of the most amazing sights it's been my privelege to view.

At 5:32am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
hi Ruth, My previous works are only in e-book formats I'm afraid, but 'A Study in Red - the Secret Juornal of Jack the Ripper' , currently released in ebook, will be available in paperback from the end of the month, and 'Glastonbury' will be exclusively in paperback from Rain Books in March. Purchase links for the ebooks are on my website at

At 5:07am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
You might also like 'Avenue of the Dead' a much longer tale set in Mexico which is centred around the old ruined city of Teotihuacan, and 'starring' the same lead character as 'The Devil youKno' one of the stories in the Murder, Mayhem and Mexico trilogy.

At 5:04am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
I adored my time in Mexico Ruth, and met some wonderful people. The 'real Mexicans' if you know what I mean. I fell in love with the people and the country and hope to return there one day.

At 5:03am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hi Ruth, yes, yo are well to the North aren't you? it's so beautiful up there. wild and rugged yes, but a lovely part of the world.

At 4:19am on January 11, 2008, Brian L Porter said…
Hello Ruth, I used to live in a beautiful village called Banchory in Kincardineshire, my son was born in the quaintly named Kincadrine O'Neil War Memorial Hospital at Torphins, just on the fringes of the Highlands. I loved it up there!

At 4:16am on December 31, 2007, Morgan Mandel said…
I put up the RSS feed from my group blog at in a number of spots on ning. I'm glad someone's actually reading it. It's fun since we have a diverse group of bloggers and you never know what to expect.
Morgan Mandel
At 12:45pm on December 30, 2007, Jennie Bentley/Bente Gallagher said…
Ruth, the first book in the DIY home renovation series is about a young woman from New York who inherits her aunt's house in a tiny town in Maine, and who decides to spend the summer renovating it, in hopes of making enough money to start her own design studio. Of course, as anyone who has tried it knows, renovating takes a lot longer and costs a lot more than expected, and my protag also has to deal with death threats, missing heirlooms, and not so accidental accidents, as well as one seriously hot handyman. They're light-hearted, romantic mysteries - heavier on character than on plot - but a fun read. Typical beach book. Not for everyone, but if you have a chance to read it (in a year or so) I hope you'll like it.
At 11:37pm on December 1, 2007, Todd Robinson said…
I assumed as much, considering the pond, and all.

The film is called Black Sheep. It's out of New Zealand, so there are a LOT of killer sheep...and some Were-sheep.
At 11:25pm on December 1, 2007, Todd Robinson said…
Hi Ruth,

Yeah, the transition of New England to New York is a little weird, considering that the sports rivalry causes me a lot of grief.

BTW, just watched a movie about killer sheep last night, so for God's sake, be careful!!!
At 11:02am on November 19, 2007, Jackie Tritt said…
Hi Ruth

Being a crofter in the Highlands sounds wonderful to me (though not in the winter) and not at all odd. I'm the opposite to you, as I started off with science and only turned to writing after I retired from teaching. In this household, it's my husband who collects and drives the tractors (three Kubotas at last count, not exactly antiques).


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