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At 12:02am on August 19, 2007, Maryann Mercer said…
Lyn, Just sent you a 'friend request'. I was fortunate enough to visit NOLA many times over the course of the three years my daughter and son in law called it home. They wr transferred to Portland, OR just one month before Katrina and their old house was in the 20% of the city that did not flood. They did have many friends who lost it all and are still getting back on their feet. I have not been back since they moved, but they have, and they tell me the city is slowly(too slowly) recovering. NOLA is in my heart, even though I was only a visitor... is there a definite date for Beatitudes?
At 3:16pm on August 18, 2007, Karyn J. Powers said…
Lyn, I was lucky enough to spend some time in New Orleans before Katrina struck. Ironically, my traveling companions and I chose the Big Easy as a diversion from the devistation in Gulf Shores. We drove a gulf coast highway that will never look the same. Thank you for your efforts to restore the city's libraries. We can't let the bureauractic amnesiacs forget their promises.
At 12:22am on August 18, 2007, Shirley Wells said…
Hi Lyn, and thanks for the invite.
Good luck with The Beatitudes!
At 10:02am on August 17, 2007, Nancy Gardner said…
Hi Lyn,

Thanks for telling me what beatitudes means. Recently I read Stephen King's Lisey's Story. It was amazing. King's ability to reach into and show our the dark, shadow side in a way that is uplifting amazes me.
Next week my husband and I are attending the Cape Cod Writers Conference. I'm hoping to deepen my own ability to work in shadow as well as light.
By the way, one of my short stories, Birthday Bash, is in this summer's issue of Mouth Full of Bullets (www.mouthfullofbullets). It's about two homeless women and a crime they stop in Salem, MA.
Any way, nice to talk to you.

At 9:00am on August 17, 2007, Nancy Gardner said…
Hi Lyn,

Nice to hear from you. What does it mean to become a Beatitude? It's a great word!!!

At 3:12am on August 17, 2007, sue neale said…
Harrogate was great though I found it quite tiring. I went to the writers' day on the Thursday where various speakers discussed different areas of the writing process from plot to publication. The speakers varied in their approaches though the ones who tried to involve the audience seemed to keep the attention better and made points which stuck. Met some lovely people too who I came across again during the weekend.

The speakers in the bigger hall were packed in and it was hard to find the energy to go to all sessions. Some panel sessions were better managed than others by the chair. On these the individual writers on the panels had time to talk about their way of working, or their particular take on the question the panel were discussing. Others sometimes descended into a hot-headed fight with the audience just that and not involved. I prefer to have an interviewer with one author where you can delve more deeply into aspects of their workl
At 7:27am on August 16, 2007, Cyndi Martin said…
Thank you for adding me! I'm looking forward to The Beatitudes.
At 2:05pm on August 15, 2007, Harry Shannon said…
At 3:17am on August 15, 2007, Delphine Cingal said…
Very interesting indeed. Thanks both for the invite and the comment!
Looking forward to sharing ideas about books.
At 2:23pm on August 14, 2007, Sarah Baker said…
Thank you for the invite! I love what you're doing for the library -- I've sent them books and plan to send more. ~~Sarah
At 12:05pm on August 14, 2007, a g bennett said…
Hi Lyn,

Lots of aspiring writers in this neck of the woods- must be the water? Or, where I am, the lack of it...
Good luck with your mission. It is a fine cause.

At 11:01am on August 14, 2007, Daniel Hatadi said…

Please read the section on promotion in the help pages. I've seen you promoting your book explicitly on many chat walls and this does not follow the policies I have in place.

At 7:18am on August 14, 2007, Marcia Moore said…
Hi Lyn,

I have owned this hat for years and really like it. However, I am not a member of the red hat club.

I am so happy that I found this site as I have been writing for years, but have not attempted to get published. I always feel that I am not good enough. Perhaps this site and folks like yourself who have been successful will motivate me to publish.

At 5:40am on August 14, 2007, Matthew Ogborn said…
Evening Lyn

Sadly I haven't had the time to get to book fairs in the UK this year. As you say, Harrogate is the best one for crime and mystery. I am, however, coming your way in November hopefully and it would be fun to meet up. Your project sounds great. Libraries should be the lifeblood of every community and I think your desire to see the New Orleans ones kept going is very admirable.
Best, Matt
At 1:04am on August 14, 2007, Peg Brantley said…
Lyn, wishing you all the best.


Peg Brantley
Tyro Suspense Novelist
At 12:57am on August 14, 2007, Arkansas Cyndi said…
Hey Lyn. Thanks for the add. Good luck with your book and with your library project. N.O. is always a great setting for a book.
At 3:55am on August 13, 2007, Rick Mofina said…
Hey Lyn, thanks for the note. Love your title. Hope it does well,
Thanks for the welcome,
At 3:54am on August 13, 2007, David L. Hoof said…
Connection: I'm writing a suspense mystery set in New Orleans during Katrina and aftermath. Inside help comes from former prep school classmate, Jed Horne, Metro Editor at the Times-Picayne and others. If you like noir, have a look at and see if you might like my latest, Little Gods. Many did. Coming up soon is a trip to New Orleans. If you're interested, we could meet. If not, you could hide.

At 1:06am on August 13, 2007, Debbie Behrens said…
Hi, Lyn, your excerpt from Death of a Friend is intriguing!
At 4:56am on August 12, 2007, Amanda Stevens said…
Hi Lyn! Your book sounds great. New Orleans is the perfect setting for a paranormal thriller.

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