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At 11:46pm on July 9, 2010, Alison Baptiste said…
Hi Burl, I've been listening to your Award Winning radio show and Outlaw Radio for years. Yeah I am one of the crazy people in the UK who listen till 5 or 6 am.
You all miss Brother Mart on the show don't ya lol
At 11:27pm on May 19, 2008, carole gill said…
Hello, just took out the comment from last year by moi. another draft set not in the 1940's but in the 1950's--and THIS ONE I'm sticking to!
just wanted to tell you that!
At 2:34am on April 10, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Just saying Hi and introducing myself.
Congratulations on your awards. You must be doing something right.
At 9:18am on August 21, 2007, Gemma Halliday said…
Lol! Can Maddie - of course! Can I? Uh, I better stick to my day job... :)
Nice to meet you!

At 9:03am on July 27, 2007, surfingcheryl said…
Okay...ignore my request to be a friend. I think you sent one first and I clicked the wrong button in response.
Etherspace is hell, like a constant party but no alcohol to smooth over stupid blunders. (Or at least make you forget them.)
So...I'm impressed. An Edgar. Woohoo.
I'm a newbie with a long way to crawl.
At 2:32pm on July 22, 2007, Burl Barer said…
Crime and Suspense may continue after all! Check out their site for details: http://www.crimeandsuspense.com
At 10:23pm on July 17, 2007, Ken Isaacson said…
Hi Burl...Thanks for seeking me out here on Crimespace!
At 2:48pm on July 17, 2007, Michael Allan Mallory said…
Hi Burl, thanks for the invite. Your website looks interesting. I'll have to check it out in more detail when I have time.
At 4:58am on July 16, 2007, Burl Barer said…
crime and Suspense is folding due to lack of subscriptions...but all the material is still up on their site. http://www.crimeandsuspense.com
At 9:05am on July 14, 2007, Jack Getze said…
That's quite a family of writers, Burl. Think creativity and language abilities are in the genes?
At 10:16am on July 10, 2007, Mary Saums said…
Thanks for stopping by, Burl. I haven't read Jack Olsen - will look for him.
At 6:07am on July 7, 2007, JackBludis said…
Nice gigs you get. What's the url to your crimeandsupense story?
At 7:43am on July 4, 2007, Brenda Chapman said…
Hi Burl,
Thanks for including me in your list of friends. You look to have a varied career with writing successes - I look forward to some discussions!
At 11:08pm on July 3, 2007, Evelyn David said…
Your "psychotic potential girlfriend" sidekick sounds like fun.
Glad to hear you found a new publisher.
At 8:10pm on July 3, 2007, Burl Barer said…
My pleasure to be here - im on the True Crime Community also!

Check out my regular blog at: http://www.burlbarer.net
At 5:49pm on July 3, 2007, Dennis Venter said…
Welcome to Crimespace, Burl. Been a long-time reader of Lee's blog so good to meet his Uncle.

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