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At 2:09pm on November 22, 2008, Dawn M. Kravagna said…
Hi, Angela. Although I write mystery cartoon comedy, I joined a writer's critique group of Romance Writers a little over a year ago. I was surprised that they were open to listening to my material (even the Sci-Fi stuff) and have received some valuable feedback and encouragement. They actually like it, so I know I'm hitting my target market. I noted your comments about your thriller novel you're working on. Having to keep your writing ahead of the group meetings (we meet every two weeks except at Christmas) keeps you motivated. If you haven't joined a group, I'd highly recommend it. And the author in charge has lots of interesting background info she's privy to that I'm not. This is the second group: The first one fizzled, so your first few attempts may not be the right fit. It's kind of fun, too, to talk about the craft of writing with other author's with common interests. Take care. I'm going to check your site out more later. Dawn PS. I read that Thriller Writers make more money than mystery authors.
At 2:19am on September 29, 2008, Eva Batonne said…
Hi, I love dogs myself

My book RESURRECTION DIVA is just out and there is a dog as part of the story.

If you'd like a free review copy contact my publisher, LIZ, at - that's if you're interested in reviewing my book or wish to publish a blog.

Eva Batonne
At 6:59am on June 16, 2008, MysteryDawg said…
Hey Angela,

What's new? Let's talk podcasts....
At 6:57pm on April 22, 2008, carole gill said…
Hi, I think you should get another dog. I would truthfully. I write and I don't have cats. I have two terriers (Parson Russell) and one of them would not be agreeable to cats! BTW they had puppies last year. i have a video on my page of the 3 week old puppies.
I had a cat when I lived in Manhattan that I gave away when I married my first husband. (should have kept the cat and given him away)! I loved her so I know cats are great too!
At 8:47am on December 11, 2007, L. Y. Canthrope said…
I look at the werewolf as one of the original stalker/serial killer types. He commits his heinous act, is vulnerable while in the killing state, but then afterwards becomes just another ordinary face in the crowd. I have no favorite werewolf books. Actually ten years ago I was signing up for a new hotmail account while at the same time watching the Full Monty on television. Due to my twisted sense of humor, I ended up with an account for fullmoonty and a moniker of Lycan Thrope.
Ask me another question.
At 1:27pm on November 29, 2007, L. Y. Canthrope said…
Nice picture. What a great smile!
At 7:47am on August 11, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
You are very creative and busy with all the website and community networking, not to mention PopSyndicate. Keep up the work, but make time to write...
My book, The Beatitudes, is a paranormal thriller set in New Orleans. It will be out in the fall and I am donating all royalties directly to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. Libraries support the infrastructure of a great city, so I have started The Beatitudes Network to promote awareness of the importance of public libraries in NOLA.
The blogsite describes the Network, has excerpts from The Beatitudes, recipes, and more. Merci mille fois. Lyn Lejeune.
Writers, please pass the word…’s for a good cause….don’t let the libraries of New Orleans or the US go the way of The Great Library of Alexandria. P.S. just posted an excerpt on my Crimespace page.
At 5:46am on July 12, 2007, Norm Cowie said…
Hey, Angela!
Thanks for adding me to the "Books and Authors I like." You're on my "Reviewers I like" list for sure.
At 1:48am on July 5, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Thanks for sending the address--I'll send you an ARC. Hope you enjoy the story! My memories of journalism informed some of my characters, including the news director who addresses everyone by "Whaddaya got?" But unlike me, my heroine thrives in that environment. She must be made of studier stock! Delete Comment
At 1:56am on June 28, 2007, Michael C. Jacobs said…
Hi, thanks for the add and the nice comment on my posting.
At 9:47pm on June 21, 2007, Jason Starr said…
Hi Angela,
Thank you for the great note. We're sending you a copy of THE FOLLOWER (more psychological thriller than thriller :))
Great meeting you and hope you enjoy
Cheers, Jason
At 4:31am on June 15, 2007, Scarlett Dean said…
I replied to your mom's email. Hope she got it. It was so nice to hear from her.
Thanks for all you do for authors. It's really appreciated.
BTW, will you be at the next LIM?
At 2:42pm on June 13, 2007, Amanda Stevens said…
Thanks, Angela! I'll do that! And thanks for befriending me, too. I'm enjoying reading your blog. I really, really enjoyed Intensity. Lots of food for thought there.
At 9:49am on June 11, 2007, Jordan Dane said…
I've judged manuscript entries for national contests. Not the same thing as a review but I can see similarities. As a judge, I try to critically review but nurture the author at the same time, hoping to improve the likelihood of them getting pubbed. But it's not easy. Thanks for stopping by my page and I'll let you know about the review and galley when I get a chance to catch my breath after my trip out of town and another one looming. CYA :)
At 2:38pm on June 10, 2007, Jordan Dane said…
Hey Angela---Just wanted to say Hello and wish you the best on your latest thriller project.
At 1:10pm on June 8, 2007, Jennie Bentley/Bente Gallagher said…
You're on. 500 words by bedtime Friday. Good luck. Gentlewomen, start your engines! And they're off...
At 7:33am on June 5, 2007, JackBludis said…
I'd better clarify my world's wrong comment.

The world is "usually" not wrong when it's me against them unless it's a majority opinion thing where there lots of people on both sides.

I should have said "When it comes to the question 'am I wrong or is it the world?' I'll bet the world is right."

That's clear, right?

I didn't think so.

Now back to work.

At 4:31am on June 5, 2007, JackBludis said…
From the Hack--

Don't feel that just because one writer gets a first draft done in a month that all writers should do it.

I know of an author, Robert J. Randisi who has PUBLISHED one book a month for over 300 months, that's albout 25 years. He says it's a gift and it may well be.

Although I can write a book in a month, it doesn't mean that is the only way to write.

In fact, the book I am currently working on has taken well more than a year, and I am taking a break from it for perspective.

As to that thing about "Kill your darlings" I think is the industry term for getting rid of that wonderful sentence, etc. I think there is something to that.

That book we love but can't publish may just mean that it is of far more interest to us than it is to the world at large--or even our peers.

When it comes to the question "am I wrong or is it the world?" I'll bet on the world every time.

At 12:31pm on June 1, 2007, Jon McGoran as D. H. Dublin said…
Hey Angela,
Nice to hear back. I day-job in retail as well (Is that a verb? Is it now?). I don't see the customers like I used to, but you're right, they're not just customers, they're characters (especially the annoying ones). I know the living situation might not be ideal, but it does give you a chance to buckle down and write, which it sounds like you're doing. Good luck with it.
At 12:19pm on June 1, 2007, Jon McGoran as D. H. Dublin said…
Hi Angela,
Thanks for the invite. I enjoyed your blogs, glimpsing the insights of the reviewer. I also loved to hear the progress you described in your second post. I'm working on a project now, revisions to a novel I wrote several years ago, and I've been struggling trying to get started, to get some traction. Suddenly I'm cooking, it's all falling into place and I can't get the words down fast enough. It's truly exhilarating. I don't want to do anything else. Of course, I'm about to get fired from my day job and the house is a mess, but that's how it goes, right?
If you happen to be at BEA I'll be at the MWA booth from 1-1:30. Maybe I'll see you.
Nice to be your friend.

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