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At 5:42am on August 25, 2009, Preetham Grandhi said…
Hi Bethany , I want to introduce you to my debut novel "A Circle of souls" which is a murder, mystery, psychological thriller and a tale of justice and hope. Do visit to read more about the book. Make sure you sign up to win an autographed copy of the book. You can also read more reviews by clicking on the More Reviews button at the website. Thanks for your time in advance.

Best regards

Preetham Grandhi

Early Endorsements for “A Circle of Souls”

Linda Fairstein, NYT Bestselling Author: "A fascinating debut - this novel takes the reader to the darkest places in the human soul, from a writer with the authenticity to lead us there. A stunning thriller and an important read."

Judge Judy Sheindlin, star of the Judge Judy Show: "The seminal work of this fine author kept me glued to my chair until the adventure was over and the mystery solved. A great read!"

Book Synopsis:

The sleepy town of Newbury, Connecticut, is shocked when a little girl is found brutally murdered. The town s top detective, perplexed by a complete lack of leads, calls in FBI agent Leia Bines, an expert in cases involving children.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Gram, a psychiatrist at Newbury s hospital, searches desperately for the cause of seven-year-old Naya Hastings devastating nightmares. Afraid that she might hurt herself in the midst of a torturous episode, Naya s parents have turned to the bright young doctor as their only hope.

The situations confronting Leia and Peter converge when Naya begins drawing chilling images of murder after being bombarded by the disturbing images in her dreams. Amazingly, her sketches are the only clues to the crime that has panicked Newbury residents. Against her better judgment, Leia explores the clues in Naya s crude drawings, only to set off an alarming chain of events.
In this stunning psychological thriller, innocence gives way to evil, and trust lies forgotten in a web of deceit, fear, and murder.
At 2:45pm on July 16, 2009, Beth Groundwater said…
Hi Bethany,
Thanks for befriending this mystery author!
At 10:30am on May 3, 2008, Anne Frasier said…
well, i'm drunk. :D
At 3:15pm on March 25, 2008, Patrick Balester said…
Thanks Bethany. I look forward to hearing from you.
At 10:53am on March 24, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Hi Bethany
I'm practicing living on no money too. I was recently laid off an editing job and took it as a sign to finish another novel. Why is everything fun also scary?
I'd been happy to participate in an interview.
At 6:33am on January 11, 2008, CJ Lyons said…
That would be great, Bethany! LIFELINES will be out in March. For more info, go to my website:

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I'm looking forward to it!
At 9:22am on September 14, 2007, Carla Harker said…
My WIP is going quite well. Thanks for asking!

How are your interviews going? I've read quite a few, and my favorite question tends to be "What is your writing process like?" I find it fascinating to look into how other writers go about the process of turning their ideas into a finished product. Because sometimes when I look back on one of my finished books I think magic must've been involved somehow.
At 6:00am on September 12, 2007, CJ Lyons said…
Thanks, Bethany! Is there a better way to contact you than leaving a comment here? I didn't see an email addy on your blog (nice blog, btw!!)
At 4:56am on September 12, 2007, CJ Lyons said…
Hey, Bethany! I can't help you with your current interview crisis :( But I'd love it if you kept me in mind next March.

My debut medical suspense will be released from Berkley March 4, 2008. If you need more info check out my site: or email me

Happy writing!
At 8:24am on August 22, 2007, Janet Reid said…
Thanks for the invite Bethany. Your interview with my client Eric Stone was very cool!
At 6:24am on August 17, 2007, Simon Wood said…
I'd like to be interviewed please. :-)
At 5:26pm on August 16, 2007, carole gill said…
thanks for reply to the discussion.
There were two things I had always wanted to do: be a novelist and a reporter. Life got in my way. so now I'm trying publishing what I write from the safety of my home! all the best.
At 12:04pm on August 16, 2007, Love Is Murder Conference said…
The writing workshops and panels are LIMCON are all about the writing, both in Boot Camp and in the Master Classes. You'll hear much about mystery, suspense, and so on, but you'll hear more about dialog, characterization, process, description, plotting, and so on.
At 11:15am on August 16, 2007, Love Is Murder Conference said…
Got a novel in progress, eh? We want you at boot camp. C'mon down, it might be a few degrees warmer.
At 9:44am on August 11, 2007, Lyn LeJeune said…
Hi Bethany...good for you...writers need advocates like you.
My book, The Beatitudes, is a paranormal thriller set in New Orleans. It will be out in the fall and I am donating all royalties directly to the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. Libraries support the infrastructure of a great city, so I have started The Beatitudes Network to promote awareness of the importance of public libraries in NOLA.
The blogsite describes the Network, has excerpts from The Beatitudes, recipes, and more. Merci mille fois. Lyn Lejeune.
Writers, please pass the word…’s for a good cause….don’t let the libraries of New Orleans or the US go the way of The Great Library of Alexandria. P.S. just posted an excerpt on my Crimespace page.
At 8:04am on August 9, 2007, Carla Harker said…
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out.
At 7:54am on August 9, 2007, Carla Harker said…
Easter Egg? No, I guess I haven't seen it. Or maybe I have and I've forgotten it. I adore Adam Baldwin. Jayne started out as my least favorite character on the show and quickly became my favorite. It was obvious Baldwin loved playing him.
At 7:26am on August 9, 2007, Carla Harker said…
I've been rewatching Buffy for the third time. I'm just finishing up season 6. As for Firefly, that's a tough one. Maybe Out of Gas. Or Objects in Space, with the crazy bounty hunter. "I can't keep track of her when she's NOT incorporeally possessing a
spaceship." Or maybe, Our Mrs. Reynolds. It's pretty funny, as is Jaynestown (the song is hilarious). Do I have to pick just one? I think I could pick fifteen favorites, maybe fourteen if you count Serenity pts 1 and 2 as one.
At 6:56am on August 9, 2007, Carla Harker said…
Your Movie/TV shows listing is almost a duplicate of mine. Joss Whedon fans are by default cooler than the rest of the population.
At 1:52am on August 7, 2007, Cara Black said…
Hey Bethany,
Love the Paris kind of gal!
thanks for the invite...

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