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At 12:35pm on April 25, 2008, Annette Dashofy said…
Hi, Mark, I don't mind at all if you forward my comment to Elizabeth. She's my hero.

And let me ditto LJ's congrats on the Spinetingler acceptance. It's a terrific magazine. And I'm not just saying that because they've published my stuff, too.
At 2:25pm on March 24, 2008, L.J. Sellers said…
Hi Mark
Congratulations on your Spinetingler acceptance. Short stories are tougher to write than long ones.
I have a videotape of my one and only jump, but it's shot from the ground and not impressive. But proof, anyway, that I did it. I have a few other "adrenaline junkie" shots on my page.
At 7:32am on June 15, 2007, Nikki Leigh said…
Hi Mark

This page will give you some preliminary information about Book Promo 101. I plan for it to be the first in a series. The first book offers basic information and instruction. This page will give you some additional information about the topics that will be covered and how the book is written and laid out. My publisher is waiting for it and I need to find time to finish it :)

Nikki Leigh

PS - Any questions, let me know :)
At 5:09am on May 25, 2007, Mark Best said…
Hey Mark,

Thanks for said some nice stuff about my Nashville PI/songwriter Chris Cobb before. Oh, and I already corrected Jack about Pilikia. I told him I would gladly take credit for it, if he insisted. Anyway, I'd say he's back on the Marks, so to speak.

Mark (the other one)
At 4:24am on April 27, 2007, Arlene Sachitano said…
Hi Mark,
Thanks for being my friend. . . Although I live in Oregon, I have a College Station connection. My sister-in-law and her family live there - and he is a marathoner, also. I know it's a big place but if you've crossed paths with any Bohne's, that is them.
At 2:04pm on April 5, 2007, Patti McCoy Jacob said…
Hi Mark - I'd love to read more of Rozan. Thanks for the recommendations and for saying hello.
At 5:36am on April 3, 2007, Leann Sweeney said…
Hi Mark,
good to see a familiar and kind face after I totally screwed up and annoyed a lot of people. When will I learn I DO NOT KNOW anything about public forums? Anyway, hi there! Wish we could see each other more often. Leann
At 6:59am on March 31, 2007, Mark Troy said…
Hi Debbie,
I have no idea about the next book except that my agent is working on it and she's upbeat about it.
At 7:47am on March 30, 2007, Deborah Turrell Atkinson said…
Hi Mark, It's good to hear from you! Howzit going? Looks like your short stories are getting great buzz--when's the next book coming out? Hope to see you soon,
At 9:35am on March 28, 2007, Robert Goldsborough said…
Hi, Mark,

I hope you & your wife like "Three Strikes." I had a lot of fun researching the Chicago of that era, through old newspapers and biographies or the real people ofthe era, including Dizzy Dean (traded to the Cubs at the start of the '38 season) and Helen Hayes, who was performing that year on stage in Chicago, playing Queen Victoria in "Victoria Regina."

At 4:58am on March 28, 2007, Mark Troy said…
Jack, I think I deleted your question by mistake. Wish I knew when the next book will be out. I've got an agent and she's shopping it around.
At 12:44am on March 28, 2007, Morgan Mandel said…
Hi Mark,
Likewise, it's good to meet you as well. As for Sox and Cubs, I'm a fair weather fan. When it means something, I start watching sports. Otherwise, I play on the computer or watch Home & Garden and see people fix up their houses and try to sell them.

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