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At 1:33pm on November 5, 2007, Karen from AustCrime said…
Rose - that's really very kind of you - I'll open negotiations tonight with a bribery dinner - he'll know I'm up to something, but that's nothing new around here :)

I found the newsletter on the Sisters website - so I'll put the details up as an event on mine as well - thanks for the pointer on the date!
At 1:19pm on November 5, 2007, Karen from AustCrime said…
Hi Rose - I am in the Dandenongs, you're offer is very kind - didn't realise that the Scarlet Stilettos were upcoming - I think I'm starting to feel the pull of Leo's :) The book was fabulous - I got my copy from Borders in the end - same as you I was digging around all over the place and then bang .. it popped up in Borders at Knox City, just when I'd about given up hope of seeing it :)

I shall have to negotiate some time off for good behaviour with himself - I confess that my next door neighbour and I are booked to see Ian Rankin and Shane Maloney at the Collins Street Baptist Church (she does the city much more often and doesn't seem at all fazed by the idea of being there amongst all those people! :) ) so I'll have to see if I can beg another outing!

(We're joint babysitting a very ill dog at the moment, normally this sort of thing doesn't require "permission")

What day are the Stiletto's?
At 12:42pm on November 5, 2007, Karen from AustCrime said…
Hi Rose - I'm not a member (but I should be). I've always been too much of a sook to head down off the mountain to Leo's Spaghetti Bar - I only got to the city for the writer's festival and if I'm dragged kicking and screaming [VBEG]

One day I'll stop the sooking and join up.
At 12:26pm on November 5, 2007, Karen from AustCrime said…
Hi Rose - looks like Melbourne's the home of Australian Crime (perhaps it's all the underworld stuff recently - suddenly we all feel "involved") :)

Welcome to Crimespace
At 11:55am on November 4, 2007, Johnny Ostentatious said…
Hey Rose, I'm considering a move to Sydney. Any Aussie mysteries I should check out?
thanks, johnny ostentatious
At 10:40pm on November 2, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Rose, best of luck to you in the pursuit of your dream to become a writer. I started writing again when life handed me a golden opportunity--my job got outsourced overseas, and I finally had more time to write. I loved turning a lemon into lemonade, lol.
At 12:54am on November 1, 2007, DADavenport said…
Sure do. How's the piece going for S&T?

Just wander. The forums are broken down into categories and the latest 3-4 of each show. But press view all and you can scan tons of topics. Same with the blogs. It is a great place for learning about everything crime writing. Cool input from a lot of very focused and motivated people.

See ya, wild Aussie Woman!
At 12:16pm on October 31, 2007, DADavenport said…
Hey Wozie!
I can't believe you found your way here. What a wonderful surprise! Welcome aboard. Snoop around and you'll see why I rave about this place. It's my home away from home away from home!
Love ya,
At 12:33am on October 31, 2007, Jess said…
Yikes! Rose, that was supposed to be Queen of the Procrastinators! How embarrassing. And now I'm wondering if embarassing has two Rs or one, two Ss or one. Why did I get out of bed!?!
At 12:32am on October 31, 2007, Jess said…
Hi Rose. Welcome! I'm still learning how to maneuver around here. I enjoy clicking on everyone's pics and reading their bios. If they have a website or blog, sometimes I check it out too. However, I'm probably Queen of the Prostinators...or maybe Princess Time Waster. :) There are some good discussions. Be sure to check out the contest.. It has to do with around Australia so might enjoy entering. :)

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