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You're on the run

from the government/organized crime/a foreign power/your ex. Where do you go, what do you do for a living, what name do you take.? Do you h…

Started by Patricia Abbott

29 Mar 26, 2007
Reply by norby

Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby....

What does all this "friend" stuff mean, exactly? I mean, yeah, I joined, and I promptly went through the lists, looking for people I kno…

Started by Kevin Burton Smith

29 Mar 25, 2007
Reply by Joy Calderwood

What Is It about Book Covers?

Every writer wants to have a good-looking cover on the new novel, right? But do covers really make any difference? I'm thinking about ha…

Started by Bill Crider

17 Mar 25, 2007
Reply by Joy Calderwood

Like being 4 waiting for 5...

I haven't felt this much antici . . . . . . . pation since I was 4 waiting to be 5 years old. Situation: I have 3 novels under contract wi…

Started by Newt Love

4 Mar 24, 2007
Reply by DADavenport

Novels That Deal with the Radical Sixties

Can any of you think of novels that deal with the radical movements of the latish sixties other than Marge Piercey's Vida and Roth's Americ…

Started by Patricia Abbott

22 Mar 24, 2007
Reply by David Skibbins

Too Manly To Gush?

Over on Mark Billingham's forum there's been an interesting and lively discussion about crime fiction reader demographics. The point was ma…

Started by Sandra Ruttan

29 Mar 24, 2007
Reply by David Skibbins

What do you think of awards for books?

It's awards season in the crime community -- that glorious time of year when people get to root for the nominees, cheer (or sneer) for the…

Started by David J. Montgomery

15 Mar 24, 2007
Reply by Alexandra Sokoloff

What hucksters are on your page?

Besides you and your friends, that is. I just noticed that the ads along the side of my page (if I click the "How others see it") are al…

Started by David Terrenoire

15 Mar 24, 2007
Reply by norby

Cruel and unusual death photo challenge

I'm currently developing an idea for a crime serial to go on sites like Youtube. The opening sequence includes a photo montage of murder vi…

Started by Vincent Holland-Keen

1 Mar 24, 2007
Reply by Stephen Blackmoore

Stranger than fiction

The coach of a national sporting team is found near death in his hotel room during a major competition the after his team loses an unrated…

Started by Sunnie Gill

2 Mar 23, 2007
Reply by Sunnie Gill


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