An interesting list with some interesting choices. Of course, flattering to see Small Crimes on it, but still, I think an interesting list to discuss.

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I can see where this list could be a source of much debate. Several in there I would toss out--some that are needed are not even mentioned. (Where the hell is Ed McBain's 87th Precinct?)

But each to their one set of poisons.
Any list that has both Dostoevsky and Dan Brown is certainly an interesting list. It does seem very thoughtfully put together, and I like that it's a mix of older and newer books. And it does have many of my favorites, including Double Indemnity, Maltese Falcon, I the Jury, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. But it's certainly open to debate. No Jim Thompson? No David Goodis or Dan Marlowe or Jonathan Latimer? And Chandler's The Big Sleep over The Long Goodbye?
It has Dan Brown? Maybe they also figured in sales.
And since when was Misery a crime novel? Or To kill a mockingbird - sure they've got crimes in them, but I doubt you'd see either of them in the 'Crime' section at your bookshop
I had a chance to talk to Stephen King once, and I told him I thought Misery was a crime novel instead of horror, and he agreed. I also think it's a great novel--my favorite of King's.
Who's the source on this? I'm using the Mystery Writers of America list for my 100.
I have no idea, but it's certainly an interesting list, and more up to date than MWA's which was compiled in '95.
I take issue with some of their choices and some of their omissions. But that's inevitable. It's an interesting challenge for anyone to take on.
It's an interesting list. And it's got lots of my all time favorites. Shroud for a Nightingale. Woman in White. And interesting choices like Capote's In Cold Blood. Not sure I'd put on two Grippando novels and nothing by Robert B. Parker. As Kris says, it's easy to pick nits. But it would make a great reading list (if I hadn't already read most of what's on it.)
Crimespace should do it's own 100 best list.
Oh hell, Minerva. Are you ready for a real dog fight if Crimespace tried to do a 100's list!
Excellent idea; you have my vote. I am quite interested in knowing the choices of so many authors and readers I respect. Everyone here has read the classics, the best, and their favorites. I believe that it is a foregone conclusion, that the many sophisticated and talented people, on CrimeSpace will provide a unique opportunity to critique the favorites of others while having their own "best": ripped apart by someone they probably admire and believe.

By the way, I am stuck in Nashville going on my 5th day of a a Captial Murder Defense seminar for C.L.E. hours and I have heard some horror stories that have given me bone chilling plot ideas.

Back to the list; I just looked it over and was delighted to my find one of my all time favorites "In the Heat of the Night". In Cold Blood also brought back memories. I cannot believe that I had somehow forgotten the incredible story written by Capote (even if it did take a decade)? Seriously can someone tell me how long it took for Capote to write it

I guess I so often neglect to include true crime in my own little head's version of the best of Crime Books. I suppose it's because I am naturally thinking about crime fiction, my reading and writing choice and then again I see so much true and horrific crime daily; I think I need to be able to add the fiction lable to actually allow myself the pleasure of enjoying the read.

I am all in favor of CrimeSpace's top 100 list. What an interesting and entertaining discussion it would be. Like Kris Neri said, many of us will take issue with the choices and omissions of others. I agree, but that is what makes the conversations here always a worthy read.


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