This is our continued discussion from the defunct A&E page.  I think there are only three on us in on the book, but I didn't want our efforts to go un-completed.  Although I am only on chapter 28 the other two people have finished, so we can discuss through to the end.

Our heroine Georgiana has made it through Christmas (1933) and has been on a tumultuous fox hunt on Boxing Day.  Keeping with what seems to be the Lovey Curse, there has been a death every day and the count is now up to eight, I think (I've lost track.)

Georgiana and Darcy are stuck at the end of chapter 28, with not clues to speak of despite so many deaths.  All looking like accidents among unrelated people.

I will catch up this weekend, so please go on with the discussion to the end!

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Glad you lot liked 12 Clues and that it made The Parlor's Good List.  It was overdue.  lol

The ending delivered for me.  With her capture, bog trek, perps demise and then rescue.  Believable enough for me.

Love the series; I've purchased three more of her books.  So far I like Royal Spyness over Molly Murphy.

Anyway, I imagine she got paid.  I hope so!  lol

Snoops, Pghfan, my copy of 'Tis the Season... arrived today.  I'll be ready for discussion when you all are.  Meantime, I'm reading an earlier Royal Spyness.  The queen is sending Georgie off on a mission which includes spying on Mrs. Wallis Simpson.  lol  Love the royal connection in this series. 

P. S. - Wonder what new neighbors would think of the ABC's of whatever.  Probably would kick me out of the joint. lol 

Still waiting on my copy.  I have no idea how long this might take...

I'm good, pghfan, Snoops.  Just let me know when.  Meantime, I'm enjoying Naughty In Nice, a Royal Spyness installment and watching House of Elliott, new Downton Abbey along with new Mentalist & Castle.   Tired of the FBI connections in series.  Liked the CBI in The Mentalist and the cop station in Castle.

Snoops, Mark's copy has arrived and I have mine.  Give me a day and I'll be ready.  If I gathered correctly.  ;-)

Ok then...shall we say chapters 1-7 by end of the week. Does that work for everyone?

Actually, my copy has not yet arrived.  I was told by the library that it was "in transit" however long that will take.

OK pgh...keep us posted as to when you have it and we can begin.


Well, I just got the message that Tis the Season is finally in.  I will pick it this afternoon and should be at least partway into it by Monday.  Apparently "in transit" takes quite a while!

Very good! I will start discussion of chapters 1-7 early next week and you can join in whenever. Tina - what chapter are you up to? Does that timeframe work for you?

I haven't started mine yet but will today.  Your posted time frame is good by me.

Got it. Started it. Like it so far. Ready for discussion!


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