This is our continued discussion from the defunct A&E page.  I think there are only three on us in on the book, but I didn't want our efforts to go un-completed.  Although I am only on chapter 28 the other two people have finished, so we can discuss through to the end.

Our heroine Georgiana has made it through Christmas (1933) and has been on a tumultuous fox hunt on Boxing Day.  Keeping with what seems to be the Lovey Curse, there has been a death every day and the count is now up to eight, I think (I've lost track.)

Georgiana and Darcy are stuck at the end of chapter 28, with not clues to speak of despite so many deaths.  All looking like accidents among unrelated people.

I will catch up this weekend, so please go on with the discussion to the end!

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I'll move ahead and order Wolzien's  'Tis the Season.  Stop me if it's a no-go. ;-)

I will place my order for 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered by Wolzien.  Let me know if anything's changed and I'll try to cancel order.  Trusting we're on, I hope to be ready for a Jan. start date.

I just got mine. VERY disappointed in the book's condition ( yellowed pages, marks on the back cover and sections) but since I was stupid enough not to snapshot the ad, I can't prove it was listed as "new". GRRR! Anyway, ready to start whenever you lot are ready...just let me know. And yes MC I can host. Sorry if some of my earlier posts went astray; like I said a bit flummoxed by the posting scenario here.

I ordered the book fro the library.  There is only one copy and it is out, so I'm hoping for the best, time-wise.

Gotcha, Pghfan.  We both may have our copies by mid Jan at the latest.  So it would seem.  Meantime, I hope to break out my Christmas mystery DVD's a last time before holidays end. :-(  Boy, did they fly this year.

Also enjoying my House of Elliott gift.  Caught it a few years ago and am seeing it like the first time.  Love this series.

I'll try to get it as well.

Unlike you two, I am not yet done with the book, but nearly so.  Georgie has found out the pattern for all the deaths and apparently the identity of the murderer.  But where is he?  I'll find out tonight...

Very fine, Snoops & Pghfan.  I'm in for Jan.  And with so many titles out there, we won't have a problem finding one.  Aside from afore mentioned N Year title, I believe there are a few more in circulation. 

Okay then, post title noms here or under another thread?  I'm good either way.  Back to 12 Clues.

Been seeing several in something called the Magical Bakery series.  Then there's a Pie Shop series.  Both are getting good ratings; I've never read any.  Thing is, if we are embarking on a N Years res. health routine, well, all this bakery might serve to thwart efforts.  lol

The Séance Society seemed another interesting tome.  How about you lot?  Anything speaking to you?

Anymore Jan. title offerings?  There are tons of books out there.  Lot's to pick from :-)

Not sure where to post this lol but my Jan book has been ordered and I am told it is enroute.  Should be here Jan 6 to 21.  How's that for a stretch?   But they have to cover their butts and allow that huge window.  Probably will get here more near the 6th.  Any idea on start date?

I finally finished the book last night.  Overall it was quite enjoyable.  The ending was a little odd, and, like so many of today's mysteries, the protagonist did really "solve" anything.  It did have the requisite fast-paced ending, when Georgie was kidnapped. 

A final question, I wonder if she ever got paid for her services helping out at the house party?


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