This is our continued discussion from the defunct A&E page.  I think there are only three on us in on the book, but I didn't want our efforts to go un-completed.  Although I am only on chapter 28 the other two people have finished, so we can discuss through to the end.

Our heroine Georgiana has made it through Christmas (1933) and has been on a tumultuous fox hunt on Boxing Day.  Keeping with what seems to be the Lovey Curse, there has been a death every day and the count is now up to eight, I think (I've lost track.)

Georgiana and Darcy are stuck at the end of chapter 28, with not clues to speak of despite so many deaths.  All looking like accidents among unrelated people.

I will catch up this weekend, so please go on with the discussion to the end!

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pghfan, trying to get the old lay out out of my mind lol.  Got to remember to read each entry and reply beneath it.  Hope that makes sense.  lol 

Anyway, liking the 12 day theme.  An incident for every day; festivities to go with each.  The costume party next.  You just feel something is going to go down for that one.  lol  One thing for sure, Lady H-G did fill their activity list to the brim.  Not to spoil, we know why she had to.  But I feel she delivered.

I think this Bowen is a first for us.  So fra, do you like her writing?  Would you read another?  Do tell.

Hi pgh -

Finally made it over! Yes I did finish. Enjoyed the book but as usual found the ending implausibile. Put it to MC if Darcy was really a spy or not and she suggested I post it here. Any thoughts?

PI's, it's a clever ploy by author to get us to read more Spyness if we want the answer.  Worked for me.  I ordered two novels preceding 12 Clues.  lol  Truth is, I like Georgie and premise of those two books.

Hey, off yet on topic...we doing a Jan. 2014 read or wait 'til Feb?  I'm good either way.  Leslie Meier has a N Y Eve title out.

I'm good with Jan. if it's early enough in the month. Will scout around for some titles. Any suggestions?

Snoops, Pghfan & joiners, welcomed.  Found this but no title... A New Years mystery featuring the incomparable staff of the Pennyfoot Hotel from a descendant of Agatha Christie? (The Statesman Journal) (OR)

A merry hustle-and-bustle always heralds the holidays at the Pennyfoot. Even as she prepares for the holiday meal, Cecily Sinclair Baxter is also helping her friend Madeline plan her wedding. And this year, Cecily has a cracking surprise for her guests Christmas crackers. Once the crackers pop, one lucky guest will discover a beautiful pearl brooch?

But when two crackers go astray, things turn less than jolly. A mysterious fire has broken out in an upstairs room, killing the mood?and two guests. And at the bottom of it all: one of the missing Christmas crackers. Cecily's dead-set on solving this mystery before another deadly present turns up?

Then there's one about the murder of Jane Austen.  Fictional but based on findings surrounding her death.

Also, The Christie Curse.  Now if I can only find titles.

Ring or Ringing In Murder by Kate Kingsbury, The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen.  Two offerings re: above post.

'Tis the Season to be Murdered by Valerie Wolzien...centers around a New Year's Eve party so certainly timely. It was recommended if you liked Mistletoe Murder (Lucy Stone). We may have discussed that one. Like I said previously, there are two Lucy Stone Christmas mysteries and I mix them up but but they were both enjoyable so IF this is along the same lines, should be ok.

This sounds good as well.  How about whomever agrees to host, gets to decide?

Pghfan, Snoops, Looked up 'Tis the Season.  Sounds good as well.    Unfort., a few of our AE PI's said they'd host in Jan. but of course, they're not here.  Snoops, might you have any PI contact info?  I got in touch with Jh1, Alastair & Clewie was aware of move.  But nada so far.  Wish we had a few more members to join in.

Pghfan, your hosting idea sounds like a plan.

I just heard from jh1 the other day; she said she had registered here and was looking forward to keeping in touch here. Not sure if that means she will join in discussions or not but she is definitely here.

The only drawback I see to the host deciding on the book is if one of the other pis doesn't want to read it - then what? The other 2 continue?

'Tis the Season is fine with me as well.  As far as the host choosing, I was really suggesting that if there were a few titles we all seemed OK with, the host could choose among them.  I'll look out for Ms. Wolzien's book...

Wanted to reply to Pghfan's but there wasn't a "Reply" button to do so, so I'll respond here. 'Tis the Season to be Murdered by Valerie Wolzien seems to be our Jan selection.  Okay; please confirm and I'll look into getting a copy.  Snoops, you'll host?  I'll see about carrying Feb. or March but that's a ways off. 'Tis the Season to be Murdered by Valerie Wolzien it is!

Anyone know what the little pop up icon is for?  It almost looks like a present with ribbon and bow.  lol  A little white square with black detailing.  What's that for?


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