Welcome, fellow crime fiction readers, writers and lovers.

The internet is filled with forums, journals, blogs and spaces, some of which intersect the world of crime fiction or live fully within it.

What's missing is a hub, a central meeting place, a bar of sorts, where we can all meet and share our interest in crime fiction. Whether you're a writer or a reader, the hope is to fill this space with established authors and up-and-comers, readers who dabble and committed fans of the genre, the idea being to connect us all.

Find new authors to delve into, make friends and plan a heist, discuss the latest in crime fiction and make the place your home. Join up and enter the forums, add photos, videos and make some friends. Just to be safe, please read the Privacy & Terms Of Service information at the bottom of the Main page, as well as the Help page before you dive in. Then ...

Pull up a chair at the bar and share your poison.

Daniel Hatadi

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Goddamn you, Daniel. This is cool and it means I won't be getting as much work done in the coming weeks.
You must be disciplined, Wheelman-san. Concentrate on the road, not the wheel.

In other words, thanks Duane!
I feel like this is going to be a lot of work for you. But I'm grateful you've taken it on.
Ah, man, there goes all my free time. Well, fuck it, I'm here. Where's the keg?
Over there, in the back. No, the other back.

Welcome to the bar!
A debt of gratitude to you, dear Daniel.
If I had a skirt on, I'd curtsy. The whole bowing thing just makes me thing of violins.

Thank you, Jennifer.
Sweet, sleek, and sexy. Nice joint. ... Where's the fridge?

Hey! Get away from the fridge. Staff only.

Now, what would you like to drink, sir? :)
I want to thank you for giving me a chance to do the thing I love the most..chat with fellow mystery lovers. I told a few other authors about your site, and I hoe they hope on board.
Big fan, Joan
Thank you, Joan. The more the merrier!
I'm sticking my neck out a bit here, but I am a lifelong reader of works of this kind, and I have been encouraged to find out if I can generate some of it myself. The people who are pushing me a bit are Jordan Dane and Amanda Stevens, and I thank them for their support and confidence. I wish also to extend my appreciation to Daniel Hatadi. I think this site is a really good idea.


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