I didn't even realize you could upload videos on Crimespace until I watched Christa's. Very cool. Here's mine. (It's either attached or posted or both. It's early, and I'm only on my second Red Bull.) I had a lot of fun doing it and I love the music - that's why it's a tad long. Enjoy, and if you're so inclined, let me know what you think.

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Hi, Ro. I just tried, and it didn't work. My computer told me Quicktime is missing software needed to play your video and it's not available on the Quicktime server. Aw shucks. Liz
OK, the attachment didn't seem to work, but it is posted under Videos. Hope you'll take a look.
Rosemary, I love it!!! So cute. Just click on Rosemary's face (ouch, sounds painful), go to her profile and click on "Videos." Okay, so who did the video?

Great job, much success.

Felicia Donovan
Thanks. I found the animator (Eclectech) and the composer (Voodoo Trombones) on Youtube..saw something else they did and thought it was fun. I've gotten a few hundred views on Youtube so far, but havent really announced it yet. Publisher thought I should wait until pub date gets closer. Again, I don't imagine that any of this stuff is going to set the world on fire...but every littlebit helps, right?


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