Though all my books are available in electronic format, I never really pushed my ebooks, instead focusing all my efforts on the paperbacks. However, I received the following email that changed my opinion:

I read my first Gaston Book.
Lost Hours is a great read.
I got your book as an e-book
I haven't been able to read for 10 years
I am a quadriplegic
And can't turn the pages.
I really appreciate you
Allowing your book to be an e-book.

I was not only touched by her words, but by how important ebooks were to her.
My question: Are you pushing the electronic formats of your books?

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That's so true D.K. Many people have decried me publishing my work in e-format but I have always known that many disabled people find them to be the only way to obtain books in a readable format. i'm so pleased that your reader took the time to let you know how much she appreciated the fact that she could obtain your book in a format she could enjoy. Also, although my next two novels are being released in paperback I will never lose sight of the fact that it was the e-book market that gave me my start as a writer, and was the beginning of me managing to build a reputation as a credible author.
You make a very valid point, D.K. I promote as much as I can the eBook versions of my books through online groups etc.,
I don't understand how people can object to them. Sure a printed book in the hand is comforting, but with the huge change in the way people listen to music or view videos, surely eBooks are yet another way of accessing books.
I did at first push the ebook version of DARKNESS AND THE DEVIL BEHIND ME, but then I sort of let it slip to the back of my mind. I'm selling the ebook version from my website, for example, but haven't arranged for it to pop up on Amazon, where most readers go to make their purchases (as opposed to an author's website). Having read your message, however, I think I'll take care of it.
Congratulations on the feedback from your reader. I have to agree that e-books are and important segment, not just for sales and the potential for growth but for a myriad of other reasons that are often overlooked. It's a good platform to reach readers from all over the world. To buy a book, the reader must happen to find a store that stocks your book (wherever they are in the world) to buy an e-book all they need is an internet connection. Living in Malaysia, I find that there are a lot of titles that I can't get a hold of all that easily (without resorting to Amazon). 'The Road to Reality' by Rodger Penrose, for example. I can't get that book anywhere here. I even tried in Singapore. Thanks to e-books, at least I have some peace of mind; it is available at least in digital formats. In answer to your question, yes, I am pushing my electronic formats. I also agree with Brian, it's a good way of starting in the industry.
Hi, Thanks for sharing this post. It does give pause to reflect on how ebooks can make the difference in quality of life for some. I'm old fashioned, liking print books, but I see the merit in pushing ebooks. Again, thanks for sharing,
Pat H.


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