Elizabeth's discussion on 'voice' lead me to think of a related question:

Does anyone else worry sometimes that they might leaking too much of their unconscious onto the page through their writer's voice?

Critics love to analyse writers and filmmakers for recurring themes in their work - Hitchcock's obsession with the cool blonde, for example. I've noticed the link between memory and identity cropping up in a few of my stories, but maybe I've also accidentally aired some skeletons in my subconscious closet (don't worry, there's nothing bigger than a squirrel skeleton in there).

Are the ideas behind your stories always planned or have you spotted underlying themes cropping up of their own accord?

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There are 2 schools of thought on that. One says that every storie has some essence of your subconcious. It has to because if the storie comes from your mind then.. there it is.

The other school of thought is that our imaginations are indepedant of our real subconscious and that we use it to seperate ourselves from ourselved by writing something totally on the other spetrum from who we really are.

Me I think that you cannot seperate from yourself.. there are area of yourself that you might not be aware of, however it is still apart of you. and it may show itself through your writing.

Or maybe not.


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