Last month I read the forthcoming Hard Case Crime novel MONEY SHOT by Christa Faust. This is a fine novel and a great addition to the excellent Hard Case Crime series. My review will posted on my website Mystery Dawg next week.

What I want to discuss is the apparent distinction that the publishing world uses in introducing authors and their work to market. Why is there a distinction made between a male author and a female author. Aren't they both authors? Does saying a book is written by a female mean its a special event? There are many wonderful authors who are female writing in the crime/mystery genre but I only see authors.

What about you? Do see a distinction between male and female authors?

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No kiddin'!
I'm going to add another bit on this, because I just remembered something that happened a long time ago that bothered me a great deal. I was newly separated, and raising my son on my own. He was about 7 at the time. A friend thought that a book titled "All Men Are B****" or something equally offensive would be a humourous gift. I didn't see it in time to throw it out. When my little boy saw it, he burst out crying.

It really made me realise how corrosive all gender bashing really is. It makes no difference what side of the coin you are on. Nastiness hurts...
Absolutely agree about the male-bashing. A more subtle form of this pits the female P.I. against her cop boyfriend. The cop boyfriend is much too dense to figure out the plot, but he proves what an attractive creature she is sexually.
Yes, I really hate that. The protagonist, whether male or female, should not need to stand on some idiotic side-kick's shoulders to appear intelligent, or sexy, or desirable, or sharp. A much better supporting character is one who challenges the protagonist by being smart & sexy as well.


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