Anybody else see this? Wow, Cronenberg's on a roll, following HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. And Viggo Mortensen, man, what an actor!

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Watched it last night on DVD. Powerful film. My wife even enjoyed it.
Dude: Cronenberg has been "on a roll" since the 1970s. He was born rolling.

That said, I've not seen this one. Thanks for the recommendation.
Hi all

I watched it last night - but as a long term fan of Cronenberg, from his student days - Stereo, and Crimes of the Furture - he then produced some remarkable work such as the terrifying THE BROOD as well as more commercial fare such as SCANNERS, VIDEODROME, THE FLY and THE DEAD ZONE.

I enjoyed a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE but Viggo is at a career best in Eastern Promise - but this is not a film for the family, but depicts the real world in all its noir glory -

Catch it when you get a chance and like all of Cronenberg's work - be afraid, very afraid

EASTERN PROMISES is one of my favorite movies of the past year. Really good stuff. I find myself thinking about it weeks after renting the DVD, always a good sign. Much like A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, EP was a simple story well told. And Viggo rocks.
I thought the movie was terrific up until the last act. In fact, there WAS no last act. It ended so abruptly I thought it might be missing a reel.

But other than that, I loved the three-quarters of a movie that Cronenberg gave us. The steam bath fight scene was one of the most intense I've ever seen.

I LOVED this movie - and actually I really liked the ending. It was nice to see something that wasn't all neatly wrapped up in a Hollywood package at the conclusion. Is something like that ever really over anyway? I rented EP along with MILLER'S CROSSING. Made for a great night of DVD watching!
I don't mind untidy endings. In fact, I often prefer them. But this movie, to me, didn't HAVE an ending. It just ended. I felt as if Cronenberg had either run out of money or ideas and decided to cut his losses.
Well, I have to disagree. The arc re. the orphaned baby was completed, as was the power struggle within the mob fam. To me, the conclusion made sense as Viggo's character still had things to do that had nothing to do with the other narrative - and it was hinted that it might not ever be done to his satisfaction. So...I liked it. A lot. And it felt like a logical conclusion to me.

But, opinions vary and that's what keeps life interesting, no?
I have to agree with Angie. I thought the ending was great, poignant and fitting to the overall feel of the movie.

ROBERT GREGORY BROWN wrote: But this movie, to me, didn't HAVE an ending. It just ended. I felt as if Cronenberg had either run out of money or ideas and decided to cut his losses.

That's how I felt about NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. One minute he's talking about the meaning of it all with his wife. The next instant the movie ends. (BTW, even though I loved both the book and the film, I felt the same way at the ending of each. Huh? What just happened?)
I didn't get the ending much myself. The scene at the bar felt like it could have happened days or weeks or years later. Besides that though, it was great film to watch. Love the sense of place it created. Good characters, very good performances--"I'm just the driver"-- it just lurched at the end to a disembodied time that needed less reading between the lines to get. Still, as far the crime genre, I'd recommend it.

You can read my review of it here:
Commenting late on this thread, but wanted to point out: the screenwriter of EASTERN PROMISES, Steven Knight, also wrote DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, which is also worth seeing:


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