"Andy Barker" was a bit less funny this week, but still solid and watchable.

I'm not sure I like knowing that Raines's visions of dead people aren't ghosts but figments of his imagination fleshed out as he learns more about them. It isn't all that different from what any cop does, yet it still seems gimmicky. I have a better feel for Raines' brand of humor, though it still seems out of step with the show's overall somber tone as evidenced by its main title sequence and theme music.

Added to the cast this week was Madeleine Stowe as Raines' psychiatrist. It's good to see her again. I was pretty sure "Raines" would lose going head-to-head with CBS's "Shark" Thursday nights. Apparently NBC anticipated the same thing. Next week "Raines" moves to Fridays at 9pm.

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I thought the Raines was a bit better this time. The story more interesting to me. Maybe I'm a sap for sad, ironic endings. Andy was okay but not developing into more.
I liked this week's "Raines" better, too, Patti. It's just the concept I'm having problems with. It seems an unnecessary wrinkle. Maybe it will be better handled as the show goes on.
I'm not a huge fan of Jeff Goldblum, but was pleasantly surprised both last week and this one.

Re: the hallucinations
My protag has this problem, but she's not nearly as adept as an investigator and she HATES the visions (most of the time). So, seeing this aspect was an easy plot point.

The gimmmickyness is there, though. I'll be interested to see if they can sustain the quality. But, I also like MEDIUM and it has the gimmick of dead people every week too.

Haven't watched Andy Barker yet because it just looked too darn silly from the promos.
Haven't watched Andy Baker yet, because I keep forgetting that it is on. As for Raines, I will watch a few more just to see how it developes, though the one-trick pony might get real old real soon. Don't watch Medium anymore for the same reason. Eps seemed to getting so same old same old.
Some of the series seem (to me) to be getting a mite tired.


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