This is historical fiction about revolutionary Mexico and is a terrific murder/crime mystery. I review it on my fiction/crime fiction blog (latest post). I loved this book and highly recommend it. I'd appreciate any feedback on the book or review.


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Nobody is commenting. I think I'll make a note of Taibo. I heard elsewhere that he's very good. Thank you.
Thanks I. J.! I must admit I've felt a bit neglected over this, so I appreciate your remarks and your taking the trouble to read and comment.

I recently heard from someone who read this book in Spanish. I think I'm going to give that a try. It will be an adventure (like Tres Tristes Tigres/Three Trapped Tigers by G. Cabrera Infante) because of the colloquial dialog, but the writing is excellent and will be worth the effort.

I do strongly recommend Taibo II, or PIC II (the book jacket says that his father, PIC I, is a famous historian). It was a curious coincidence that Taibo started Semana Negra in Spain, the very conference that Amir Valle just finished attending when he was refused permission to return home to Cuba, stranding his son and stepson home alone (though the 6-year old son is now with Valle in Germany thanks to the intervention of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez). This incident was discussed in another post of mine that seemed to elicit no interest.

I guess it is a good thing I'm not trying to make a living from my writing! (Stick to my day job, stick to my day job, a little "voice keeps whispering, in my other ear.")

Thanks again for your support, Jim
Dear, Jim, by all means keep your comments coming. I'm an avid reader of mysteries by foreign authors and those set in foreign countries, and I think a number of the others here are also. Historical novels in the U.S. fall into 2 categories, those that seriously explore the period, and those that dress up modern characters in period costume. Alas, the latter sell better.

Writing books generally does not produce a living wage for years. Hang in there.
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! Best wishes, Jim
Hi, I'll nip over and check out your blog post. I have only ever read "The Uncomfortable Dead", the collaborative project with Subcommandante Marcos, not read anything else by him.
Thanks, Laura. I need to read "The Uncomfortable Dead." I hope you enjoy the blog. Taibo II is a fascinating writer- I'm just learning about him, but I thought The Shadow of the Shadow was great. All the best! Jim


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