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I didn't have to sneak the camera inside. The pictures were for my book.and the sheriff and his chief deputy were standing beside me when the I took the photos. You'll notice there were no inmates anywhere around.
Ah! Public Relations. The pictures you took make jail cells look modestly livable. It was a nasty business in our jails. Wasn't so bad in the women's living quarters, but the men's cells were awful. We'd have to MAKE them clean the place. I always had male (the biggest deputy I could find) backup when I had to go inside the dayrooms and cells. We segregated the misdemeanors from the felonies. It wasn't so scary with the midsemeanors, but being in the presence of the felonies (murderers) was nervous.
Charlotte - This was the cleanest jail I've ever seen, and the prisoners had sort of taken it upon themselves to keep it that way. It was a very impressive operation.


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