Which tells the story of Truman Capote told against the backdrop of the Clutter murders--and the planning and writing of IN COLD BLOOD.
I have read In Cold Blood and have always been interested in the case. However, I learned a lot more from watching the film with regard to Mr. Capote and his role as writer, etc.
Anybody see the film and have a comment? I found it quite moving.

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Yes. I saw the movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman did a fantastic job bringing Capote to life. He portrayed him as as somewhat pathetic figure didn't he.
yes he did. perhaps the capote we never evenknew existed. I found it haunting really. so much angst was exposed. great film.
yes, and I'm seeing it in a day or so. It's on Sky movies here. It's supposed to be very good, but try to see Infamous. it was fantastic. it brings full circle Capote's writing of In Cold Blood with the entire case.
Yes, very good film. I had forgotten that Harper Lee had been a friend of his. How strange that two people who were so close friends both wrote hugely iconic books.
so true. Mockingbird was full of love and respect. it was eloquent in that regard too. whereas Capote living through the Clutter case was beyond horrible. if one wrote about the world we all aspire to live in, the other wrote about this parallel place we'd all like to believe didn't exist.
as you say it's very strange. i have a feeling she was the best friend for him, although I don't know how long their friendship lasted.
I still think about the film sometimes because it was so real it haunts me.


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