OK, this is kind of ... well, absolutely! :-) ... self-promotion. But it's a laugh, too, so ...

Be at the birth of an internet phenomenon. You can create a newspaper front page, which makes your friend the perpetrator of an 'Accident Man' assassination

Click on the link below.

Click on 'I Need Your Help'

Fill in the fields, naming a friend you wish to amuse. Upload a pic of said friend ... check out the preview ... have a good laugh ... then hit 'next' and send it to them on email

Hey presto!! ... I hope! :-)


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Very Good, I emailed a freind and they were very worried at first.......

Maybe they were just worried about knowing you, mate!! :-)
Bah! It's flawed!

I tried sending off three incriminating articles (I know lots of people that could be justifiably implicated in a murder), one after the other, and it ended up sending the link generated for the last of those people to all of them.

Otherwise, good fun.
Really sorry about this. I had a similar problem one time. I think it happens when you do too many too quickly. For some reason the system can't keep up. But don't ask me why ... I'm just a technophobic scribe, I have no idea how my publishers come up with all these promotional gizmos!

Still, glad you thought it was fun. So's the book!! :-)


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