Plots With Guns is back. What did you guys think of the first issue?

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I've been waiting avidly for its publication - it was always one of my favourite online magazines. And I wasn't disappointed - the stories were great. I think Tim Maleeny's was my favourite and there was only one I didn't care for. Good to see it back!
I liked the characters in "The Pride of Master Ling", and the sandwich business front was interesting, but I don't think it's realistic. I mean, who would pay $5 for a homemade sandwich? And does fast food not exist in this city? Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but then there's the highly improbable physics of the assassination attempt/gas tank explosion.

The way it's presented, the bullet is fired, and before the sound of the firing reaches anyone's ears, the bullet hits the stone pillar, then hits the cobblestone, then ruptures the gas tank, and the sound of the gas tank exploding is heard before the sound of the gun firing. It just doesn't work that way. When you fire a gun, the sound of it and the seeing of the tatget hit are the same, in as much as the brain can discern the discrepancy. You just don't notice the lag; sound doesn't travel that slow. Not to mention the fact that once the bullet hit the stone pillar, most of its kinetic energy would have been transfered to the stone, the transfer of energy being what causes damage when a bullet hits something. So there would be little energy left to rupture a metal gas tank. Yet the bullet also hits the cobblestone before reaching the gas tank, so even more energy would be transfered. There wouldn't be enough force left to rupture the gas tank. Not after two deflections. And then it says that by the time the bullet reached the car, it was almost going the speed of sound--meaning it hadn't reached that speed yet, and never did because it hit the gas tank right after. So if the bullet never reached the speed of sound (and in reality the bullet would have been much slower than the speed of sound after all those deflections) then the gun couldn't have made the cracking sound that was muffled by the gas tank explosion because breaking the sound barrier is what causes the cracking sound in the first place. The bullet also wouldn't have reached the temperature of the sun at that point because it would have lost too much kinetic energy from the deflections to be that hot (assuming a bullet ever is that hot, because if it got that hot, the bullet would be turned to liquid).

The ending was at least different, which was refreshing in an issue where most of the stories were too predictable.
On the sandwich thing I never noticed it, and can easily imagine paying that amount.. The part of Glasgow where I live has no fast food places within walking distance, yet there are plenty of workers nearby who need lunch (I live fairly close to what used to be shipyards and is now construction for a development of fancy condos, shops and offices, plus there are small factories around). Not all those people are going to bring their own lunch. So a couple of sandwich/burger vans have set up stall there, and recently a tiny shop has opened to cater for them.So the fact that there was no fast food around didn't strike me as odd.

As for the endings - well, each to his own - I didn't find the stories too predictable at all. I enjoyed all but one very much. And I don't really bother if there is no twist in the tale - sometimes striving for THAT is predictable. I'd rather have a good story well told. And I thought the majority of these stories were well told, well written, entertaining and of the high standard I've come to expect of PWG. Just my opinion.
I guess the fast food thing and the price is a regional difference. I do agree that a twist ending is predictable sometimes too.
Well, I wasn't around these sites when this first started, so I'm not sure what the big difference is between Plots with Guns and Spinetingler and Thuglit and Hardluck Stories and Pulp Pusher and Thrilling Detective and Demolition Magazine (I'm a little biased here, I currently have a story on the Demolition site) and all the other places listed at the Crimezine Blog.

They all have stories I like sometimes and some I don't. I'm glad to see as many of these sites as possible.
Love the return of PWG. But where does a girl with stories not quite so violent find a home. Pulppusher, Thuglit, Demolition, Plots with Guns, all want the same super-violent story. And I've fired a few of these off. But what about a story (not cozy) but more psychological go for a home? I'm thinking of a return to the lit mags, God help me. If only I had the techie skills necessary I'd invent a zine for the in-betweeners.
i loved your story at clarity of night. i'm used to reading your grittier stories, and i thought it was a nice switch.
Oh, thanks so much. First time I tried the 250 word format, but I do regularly write the more mainstream stuff too. Just in a different set of journals. But the 250 is a real challenge. Thanks again.
I think with the skill set you're writing with, anyone would be thrilled to include a story of yours in their zine, Ray. But I will give them another try. Thanks.
Hey, I didn't realize that Plots With Guns was up and running again. Great to see and thanks for letting us know. Zipped over and took a quick look. Read openings of a few of the stories. It appears it's going to serve it's niche in the genre well.

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