I have a long time fan who wants to start a fan club for me. (Isn't that lovely? We met years ago when I was promoting a scrapbooking how to book, and she's always called herself the president of my fan club.)

I'm curious. If you are a reader, what might interest you in a fan club? What might you expect? What would make it fun for you to join? Do you belong to any other fan clubs? How do they operate?

My fan club "President" Sharon came up with a list of ideas that scrapbookers might enjoy, since my book features a scrapbooker. But I'm not sure if I would be responsible for paying for all this? Or do some fan clubs charge a small amount to cover the cost of things? At least the mailing expenses? I'm clueless!

Joanna Campbell Slan
Paper, Scissors, Death: A Scrapbooking Mystery
September 2008, from Midnight Ink

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Lucky you! Get them to promote your book!
But how? Any specific ideas?
Seems obvious to me. Surely no one can sell your books better than someone who loves them. All they need to do is tell as many people as possible about them.
Ah, written like a true scrapbooker.

Yeah, I think the challenges are a good idea. I shouldn't have problems giving away books as prizes.

My "president" was talking about

* pins (buttons)
* bumper stickers (for Cropper Hoppers)
and tees and mugs and totes (these could be available through Cafe Press...people could order them)

I'd like to come up with luggage tags with the book cover. I think I could just print them out cardstock, laminate them, and run a chain or small "belt" through them. I need to keep it economical. What do you think?


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