Has anyone read any books by this author? I was in Borders yeaterday and found New England White and it looks like a good read. I have not read anything by him and would like to know if anyone has and what are your thoughts on his books? The book right now is only availabe in hard cover and runs about 27.00.

Thanks for any feed back on Carter

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I thought EMPEROR OF OCEAN PARK got poor reviews. ??? Haven't read anything by him myself.
I was asked to review NEW ENGLAND WHITE last year for New Mystery Reader. It's a little lon to quote here, but the review can be found at http://www.newmysteryreader.com/july_hardcover_mystery1.htm#new%20e... if you're interested. For what my opinion's worth.
I'll agree with Dana's review, except in regard to the heroine. I found her interesting. The characterizations are the best thing about the novel, IMO. Definitely worth a read.
Thanks for all the replies to this. Dana, I did read your review of New England White and it does sound like one to be read. So it will go on my list of to reads as well as Ocean park.


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