I have just submitted my mss for book two to my editor. It is the second in the series.
Now I should be cracking on with book three, also in the series, but here's the rub...I really fancy starting on a stand alone that's been brewing for months.
Do people think it's too early too break free? And will my publishers even let me?
Or is this just a typical 'grass is always greener' scenario?
HB x

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Oh, and Helen - does your muse have a sister?
Tom, she has more siblings than the Waltons....
Ideas I am full of - it's the execution of the them that's the bugger.
HB x
I'd listen most closely to my agent's advice on this question. Thing is, I'm sure you'll find authors for whom it worked and didn't work in both scenarios, but presumably your agent is more invested even than your publisher in your long-term career.

Good luck!


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