I'm working on a second draft, and when I hit this stage I always find that one character says the same thing in many scenes, so I have to go through and weed out the repetition and replace it with lines that makes sense. With the last book one character was always saying Jesus! This time my pet response seems to be What are you talking about? Or, for a big change: I don't know what you're talking about.


If someone says something that you think is bullshit nutty, what do you say?

Usable and unusable lines welcome!

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You know, peanuts have many, many, many uses ...
On further studious reflection, I must say, "verbal opacity" is an excellent phrase! :)

(yes, I'm up way past my bedtime)
i think sometimes a quick response is needed not to move the plot forward but to complete the beat. in that situation it can't be lame, but you don't really want it to stand out, and it can't take up much space. It's just for rhythm or balance.
In real life, a "look" often says it all.

In writing, I love the idea of a Jesus! list.

"Hold that thought...."


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