My favorite author has a new one coming out. The only info I can find is that it is called Bone By Bone and it is not a Mallory book. I think it's a stand-alone, which will be okay by me since The Judas Child, her only other stand-alone, was fabulous.
I am delighted. I need an O'Connell fix like I need air.
Any other O'Connell fans out there in Crimespace?

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Your favorite author? Wow, I don't even know this person. If you were going to start a friend on his first O'Connell, which one?
Her debut novel, Mallory's Oracle. I was working in W.H. Smith Stores at the time and ordered it on a whim. It absolutely blew me away. Kathy Mallory was the most unique character I had run across since I discovered Phillip Marlow in my 20's. I kept it on the shelves and every time a guest at the hotel wanted something terrific to read I suggested it. I lost count of the people who came back to thank me. I got so many people hooked I felt like the local pusher!

Carol O'Connell could find no one in the US to publish it. You know the whole, "Get an agent and we'll see." routine. And no agent wanted to touch an unknown's first book. So she sent it to G. P. Putnam and Sons in Great Britain in 1994. The editor who picked it up was astounded and immediately signed her on. She's still with them to this day, although I believe they release the books there and here simultaneously now. I got a kick out of seeing her book, The Judas Child quoted by Ken Bruen in The Magdalen Martyrs. He told me when I wrote to rave about his book and mentioned O'Connell to him, that he loved her work. High praise, that.

Try her. I promise you won't regret it!
Thanks, Deb. Will do.
I just love this author and it feel like I have been waiting ages for a new book. Thanks for the info!
I just stumbled on Crimespace, not knowing what a gold mine it is. I am always looking for new authors.
I love all the books by Carol O'Connell. I was over the moon with the discovery of the Mallory character. One of my favorite of her books was Stone Angel. One day at the library I noticed a tape of this book. I had already read it ,of course, but since I was about to start a road trip decided to give the tape a try. The voices and characters on the tape were wonderful. It added a whole new dimension and made the trip a lot shorter.
Yeah, I can't wait. The time is moving way too slow for me! O'Connell is my favorite writer. Each book is a polished gem and I love how she takes a secondary character and features him in a particular book, like Riker in Dead Famous. It draws you even deeper into Mallory's life. Fabulous work.

I was so excited to see Carol has another book coming out. I wonder if she'll do another Mallory book? Those were my favorite, but I did love Judas Child of course. I can't find a website for her, do you know if she has one?
I remember her having a web site until about 2 years ago, but nothing after that. I have searched for a new one but nothing turned up.
Where are you all from? I am from Queensland Australia.
I love Carol O'Connell's books. I have bought a few of them and read them all in order.
I loved 'Winter House' and have lent out 'Judas Child' to so many people. Wnen I was in a book club for awhile that was the book I chose and there are now more fans, especially the librarian.

The fantasy one I think someone was asking is 'Shell Game'.
Me me me !!!
I feel the same. She is the best. I have to wait longer till about March to get it in Australia. I might get my son in the US to send me it. I just can't wait.
Just discovered this thread. I'm Carol's editor and publisher, and I can affirm that BONE BY BONE is a stand-alone, and absolutely fabulous -- any Mallory fan will love it. And, yes, she is now working on a new Mallory novel.

Thank you for finding us. I have asked my dau-in-law to buy Bone by Bone for me in the US and to read it first as she is a big fan also and then send the book to me in Australia as I can't wait till March to get it. I heard it came out on the 31 Dec 2008.

I am surprised there is another Mallory novel as it seemed like a good place to end in 'Find Me'. And in Crime School we got some of the future when Charles was showing his grandchildren pictures of Mallory and saying she could fly.
Keep us updated. And I am so glad she has stayed with the UK publishers who saw the beauty and precision of her writing and how refreshingly unique her talents are. Carol does not type cast like others do nor does she pad out her books. I am so grateful I have found such a fantastic author. Could you send a review of her new book to The Courier Mail in Queensland Australia - which is the top newspaper in Australia. I can't remember a review been done of her books and it is by word of mouth and chance that her star has risen here. I would like so much to have a write up on her latest book so even more people hear and embrace her.
Julie. QLD Australia.


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